Motorola launching the Moto and Edge

Motorola recently announced that it would be hosting an event to launch the device on the 17th of March, which is likely to launch an upcoming model, the Moto Edge X30 Under Screen Edition. Additionally, the company released a teaser that hinted to the launch of a different device that will be launched alongside it, the Edge X30. The teaser shows only one glimpse of the new phone. Tipster WHY Lab also claims that the phone will be launched on the 17th of March.

Motorola launching the Moto and Edge

Benchmark scores were a bit lower than what is typical for the SoC possibly because of the small RAM. AnTuTu in particular was able to only run the lite version its 3DBench test software, where its Samsung Galaxy F23 5G returned an average score of 303,898. Graphical benchmarks did a little better, for instance the T-Rex test that is part of GFXBench with an average of 77 fps.

Its Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera has an aluminum body that appears like an internet camera. The camera is attached on the upper part of the Surface Hub 2 with a magnetic click and has a Mount for USB Type C.

There are reports that indicate it is possible that this South Korean tech giant has begun to send out invitations to media for its second major launch event in the year. The event is scheduled for on March 17th at 7:00 pm (PKT) as well live streamed on the official platforms of the company.

Netflix is testing new features, including one that allows users to share accounts by other household members for a fee the streaming giant announced on Wednesday. Netflix is testing these capabilities with Chile, Costa Rica and Peru which allow users on its premium and standard plans to share the capacity of two persons.

BSNL independently confirmed to Gadgets that the. 797 recharge plan is available in the entire circle in which it is available. Customers can recharge using the latest plan via the BSNL online portal. The plan also comes with an additional discount of 4 percent via the Selfcare app for BSNL. In addition, the recharge program is accessible through third-party sources such as Google Pay and Paytm. With the introduction of the plan to Rs. 797 prepaid plan BSNL gives its customers the option of remaining connected to their network up to 395 consecutive days. It’s primarily helpful for customers who have BSNL as a backup cell network.

This streaming platform is looking into a option that would allow users with the basic, standard or premium subscription to move their information on their profile to a different account or the sub account to store information such as their viewing history and personal recommendations.

The camera’s main setup comprises an ultra-wide-angle 50MP sensor as well as a 2MP depth sensor to take portraits and the 2MP macro shooter that is used for close-up photos. There’s no information about recording video, but the phone is likely to include support for 1080p 60 frames per second at a minimum. The selfie camera that has a waterdrop design is a 16MP wide-angle camera.

South Korean giants Samsung and Posco revealed plans Monday to create factories for the production of solid-state batteries. The batteries are said to be fireproof and energy dense and will increase the range that electric vehicle (EVs).

A 90Hz rate of refresh, excellent display, and a practical body design will make it an easy-to-use device. The phone is scheduled to debut sometime in mid-March 2022. In addition it is being built in Pakistan to make it affordable and pocket-friendly for local market. We are keeping our keep your fingers crossed for the new Spark device that is set to be available in Pakistan. Keep an eye on the blog for more information and updates on technology!

For software the 8z from Asus is running ZenUI on the top of Android 12. The UI appears and feels much like the regular Android however, it can be modified to meet your personal preferences. You can alter icon shapes or font styles as well as accent colors. Also, it has an option to turn off the dark mode of elements of the system, and apps which is automatically activated after sunset. Privacy indicators are also available. Privacy indicators, the Android 12 feature that notifies users that the microphone or camera is active, is available. My 8z device was running the security patch of December 2021 that’s quite old. Asus will preinstall a number of third-party applications on the 8z like Netflix, Facebook, and Messenger however the latter can be disabled, while the others can be removed. Asus includes gesture navigation by default within the UI and has added a couple of special gestures that can perform specific actions. For example, a three-finger downward swipe will create an image I have used this frequently.

In the end, AMD has now begun to apply its advised “generic” Retpoline guideline to deal with the vulnerability more effectively. This was stated in a security bulletin released by AMD that highlights the improved effectiveness of their product in keeping it secure.

The difference in performance with AMD’s latest approach is yet to be observed, however we are optimistic because it’s claimed as being more effective when it comes to security as well as performance.

Samsung announced it’s Galaxy S22 series flagship smartphones at its annual Galaxy Unpacked event last month and it appears that Samsung is ready to unveil its A-series of smartphones next week. Although the company hasn’t announced which models it’ll be launching in the coming event, speculation point to an Galaxy A53 5G to be one of the highlights at the event. The official teaser posted by leaker, Evan Blass, shows the letter “A” in different styles and one hinting towards water resistance.

The one of Linux kernel’s advantages has always been its open-source nature which allows users to modify the kernel and redistribute according to their own requirements. But, being open source has many disadvantages especially when we speak about the presence of security vulnerabilities that have not been patched, and the similar exploitable situations.

The vulnerability was discovered to April of 2021 Max Kellermann, a security researcher. The vulnerability, codenamed Dirty Pipe, lets software alter the page cache on the system even for files that apps aren’t required to be allowed to access. Kellerman found that despite being already remedied by the standard Linux kernel, this vulnerability could be altered to create an exploit to increase privileges on any device that runs Linux kernel versions 5.8 or greater. It’s the case of properly-coded malware to fully control an insecure system by rewriting important files, such as the root password. Kellerman could also be able to replicate the vulnerability on the Pixel 6 smartphone, and even tried to notify Google that he had discovered the issue. The company responded with an update and integrated with the Android kernel. At present, it’s a an issue of OEMs having to integrate the corrected kernel into any future updates to their devices.