Google’s legal threat forces YouTube Vanced app to shut down

Google is threatening to force the removal of YouTube Vanced, which is a well-known third-party application for Android that allows ad-blocking with or without the need for a Premium subscription. Apart from the built-in ad-free subscription, the app permits further options for customization, such as cast toggle, background playback as well as the force HDR mode, picture-in-picture videos and much other features.

The speaker on its own can be extremely loud when playing media or games, however sound is not directional. If I used Samsung’s Galaxy F23 in indoor settings, its brightness was good. screen was adequate and the colours were good, but not as vibrant as they would appear on a premium AMOLED panel. In light conditions the display was washed quite badly, as I’ve observed and it was difficult to read what was on the display. The auto brightness adjustment functions slightly oddly, and does not increase the brightness above the 50 percent threshold regardless of the sun hitting the screen. After I increased the brightness to the highest setting manually, the display’s legibility in bright light didn’t increase, and it could be that the phone isn’t making this adjustment.

This streaming platform is looking into a feature that allows users who are on an entry-level or premium plan to transfer their personal details to a new account or sub account that will keep information like viewing history and personal recommendations.

Oppo Enco Air 2 will be launched in India on March 23 together with Oppo K10, an upcoming phone from China’s Chinese company. It is expected to be launched on March 23. Oppo Enco Air 2 will be the successor to the well-known Enco Air and sports a similar design, with a transparent casing. These earphones feature Oppo Blu-Ray acoustic tuner presets as well as two brand new Enco Live Tuning presets “Pure Bass” and “Melodious Voice” for personalised sound effects. The teaser page for Enco Air 2 has gone live in India which indicates the arrival of the. The wireless stereo (TWS) Earbuds were launched in China earlier in the year.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D price is set at $449 (roughly about Rs. 34,300). The processor will be available for purchase worldwide from April 20. India pricing for the processor has yet to be announced. The year 2020 will see AMD launched its Ryzen 9 5900X for $549 (roughly the equivalent of Rs. 42,000) however this desktop model is being sold at the same price of $449 for the US. The purchasers can choose between the processor they currently have that includes four extra CPU cores, but a lower gaming performance, and the new processor, which promises to offer more gaming performance with a lower the number of CPU cores.

Netflix allows those who live together to share a Netflix account. However, these plans have resulted in confusion as to what and when Netflix accounts may be shared Netflix added, and it’s hindering the ability of Netflix for investing in content that is new.

The battery’s 5,000 mAh capacity is able to support 18W fast charging, which will fill the battery from zero to 100% within about 90 minutes. This iQOO Z6 5G is available now for purchase in Chromatic Blue along with Dynamo Black colors for a starting price of $203.

The battery-making division of the largest Korean company by riches, Samsung SDI, announced that it is beginning construction of a 6,500 square-meter test assembly line located in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, to manufacture solid-state batteries to be used in electric vehicles. Samsung SDI did not provide a date for when it will be finished. Samsung SDI plans to install facilities and a process to produce solid electrolytes as well as cathodes made of metal as part of the plans. Samsung SDI intends to utilize the new facility to apply modern production methods and infrastructure, for example, stacking batteries in a manner that facilitates the discharge of ions during charging.

Asus have also added a few features on the button for power. One press will put the phone in standby mode like it normally does however you can set what happens when you press and hold this button. Based on the option you select the 8z will start a specific application, change the Wi-Fi connection or turn on the flashlight. Additionally, you can use the 8z to run Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button instead of opening an option menu. There are five modes for batteries that are available on the Asus 8z. You can select from “High Performance” or “Ultra Durable’ depending on the usage you’re using. The phone has been set for ‘Dynamic’ default, but the advanced options allow you to adjust the performance. Asus has also included an option for one-handed navigation that reduces UI elements to make them easier to access. It is interesting to note that you can customize how much you want to shrink the UI shrinks.

If reports from the past are true, then Samsung is expected to unveil three new devices at its forthcoming event, specifically, Galaxy A33, A53, and A73. The Samsung Galaxy A33 is expected to be an upgraded version of Galaxy A32 that was launched in February 2021 and the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 are expected to be the successors of Samsung’s Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 smartphones, respectively.

Based on what we’ve observed and heard about in leaks to date it appears that we’ve heard that Samsung Galaxy A73 is expected to feature a 6.7 inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset under the under the hood. The Galaxy A53 could have a 6.5 inches display with the company’s Exynos 1200 SoC as the head of the operation. Also, this time we don’t expect any variants that support 4G, given that Samsung appears to be making 5G a reality with the majority of its smartphones. But, we’ll need to wait until Samsung’s official announcement event in order to know what’s going to happen within the next couple of days.

Chinese manufacturer of smartphones OnePlus recently announced a new software update for its OnePlus 9 as well as the 9 Pro. This update corrects a number of issues previously complained about by users. The update is available with software version LE2111_11.C.46 in India and LE2113_11.C.46 in Europe. The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with the latest firmware version LE2121_11.C.46 for India and LE2123_11.C.46 for Europe.

According to the patch notes, they are compatible with improved stability for the system as well as Android Security Patch 2022.02. The problems fixed in the most recent update include an unusual display of AOD blurred screens, as well as Alexa application crashes. The update is not yet released to users within the North American region, due to limitations specific to each country. However, the company says that the update could be released during the next cycle. The update is currently being released to select customers but is expected to be made accessible to everyone.