Hustle Review

What is the Story About?

‘Hustle” on Netflix is about Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler), an internationally scout for Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. He also discusses his desire to coach the NBA and his search for “the missing link”, a basketball talent that can help the team win the championship. To find another talent, Sugerman visits Spain and meets Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez), who is a tall, lean construction worker with an exceptional talent for basketball. Bo Cruz only plays basketball after work to make quick money on basketball bets.

Sugerman convinces Bo Cruz that he will come to Philadelphia to try his luck in the NBA draft. Stanley is smitten by Vince (Ben Foster), owner of the Sixers. He decides to give Bo an opportunity at the NBA draft on his own. He forms a friendship with the retired basketball prodigy, and they continue to be together for the rest of their lives.

Hustle was written by Taylor Materne, Will Fetters, and directed and produced by Jeremiah Zagar. LeBron James, Adam Sandler produced it.


Hustle’s Adam Sandler is a reminder that filmmakers should give him more opportunities to play convincing roles like Stanley Sugerman. He’s funny in comedy films with an amazing regularity. But when it comes drama, emotional and otherwise, he’s a formidable af and an entirely different animal. Hustle is a riveting comedy with Adam Sandler, and some of his best acting work. He’s simply amazing.

Juancho Hernangomez’s convincing performance as Bo Cruz is hard to believe. Juancho Hernangomez, a professional basketball player who plays for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is what you need to know. Juancho Hernangomez embodies his character with quiet charm and charisma. He effortlessly portrays the intricate nuances of his character.

Anthony Edwards, a real-life star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, plays antagonist Kermit Wilts. He is excellent in the film, particularly the sledging parts. Both actors are first-timers and elicit the right emotions in their audiences. We love Kermit and root for Bo. This is a great example of how well both NBA basketballers have performed their respective roles.

It’s a joy to see Queen Latifah play Sugerman’s supportive wife Teresa on the screen. Ben Foster’s performance as Vince, the unlikable character, ensures that the audience doesn’t like him very much. But only in the movie. Jordan Hull plays Stanley’s teenaged girl with charm.


Hustle, a classic tale about the triumph of the underdog, has a predictable plot. You will be able to understand and appreciate Hustle’s charm and humanity if you delve deeper into the film.

The film is filled with subtle, witty humor that always brings a smile to your face. The dialogue is honest and natural. Stanley’s inspirational words are heartfelt, logical and without any ambiguity. Almost all jokes and one-liners land. Funny parts include “$9 for Pringles” or “paying to view porn”. It is touching to see Bo slowly warm up to Stanley’s honest demeanour.

The film’s pace is perfect. Hustle is at a comfortable pace in the lighter parts. However, he takes on an exciting momentum when he gets to the court. It is both satisfying and pleasing at the same time.

The training scenes between Stanley and Bo are some of the most memorable parts of the film. Every sports drama devotes a lot of celluloid to scenes in which the mentor pushes the protégé to go faster, higher and stronger. Hustle’s training sessions are more than that. They are all heartfelt. We’re all in. A funny exchange here, a witty one-liner there. It’s not only that Stanley and Bo have a great chemistry, but also that the training scenes in the film look as real as possible. This is how stars basketball players train to dribble and pass, aim, dunk and shoot in real life. It’s an amazing sight to see.

The movie’s best scene is the basketball. You almost scream with joy when Kermit confronts Bo in the sequences. Hustle’s tendency to play safe is a major drawback. The problem-solving abilities of Hustle are excellent. The film doesn’t give the viewer a sense either of urgency or dread about “what if ….”.”. You are confident that things will turn out well for Stanley Sugerman or Bo Cruz and you can sit back and relax, not being drawn to the edge even for a nanosecond.

Hustle also features many cameos by real-life NBA players and former and current players. Doc Rivers, the current Sixers head coach, and Dave Joerger (assistant coach), are among those featured. Hall of Fame player Julius “Dr. J’Erving, former player, current NBA analyst Kenny “The Jet” Smith, German NBA star Dirk Nowitzki (who plays Haas), Orlando Magic’s Moritz Wagner, Miami Heat’s Kyle Lowry and two-time NBA All-Star Trae young, Dallas Mavericks’ Boban marjanovic and many others. Nearly every scene in Hustle stars a different NBA star. These cameos add an incredible authenticity to the film and are a wonderful touch.

Music and other departments?

Hustle’s music score by Dan Deacon hits all the right notes. The soundtrack is upbeat, cheerful, fun, and uplifting. The soundtrack features many great songs that complement the movie’s theme and setting. The cinematography of Zak Mulligan is excellent, particularly the fast-paced scenes at the basketball court and the fantastic training videos.