Fingertip Season 2 Review

What’s the Story?

ZEE5’s Fingertip Season 2 consists of a series interconnected stories that tell many, interrelated stories. Each episode examines the dangers that come with living in a digitally connected society.

Shivakar Srinivasan directs Fingertip Season 2.



This season of Fingertip shows how the internet can be a powerful tool and holds the millennial generation captive.

Section devoted to fake news spreading via social media is the best in the series. Deep Fake technology is used to create fake slanderous photographs and ruin the reputation of their targets.Digital tech isn’t just for teenagers, it’s also for seniors.

Venkat (Vinoth Kishan), is the most touching segment of the show.

Fingertip’s second season raises questions about ethical hacking. Shivakar Srinivasan deserves credit for shining a spotlight on this topic.

Season 2 of Fingertip has mixed reviews. We recommend that you only watch the most interesting parts, and skim the boring ones.