Chicken Manchurian at home in 30 minutes

Chicken Manchurian is one of the famous dishes in Indian-chinese foods. It is also included in spicy street foods due to its quick preparation

No need for deep frying

Easy Indo-Chinese chicken recipes like Manchurian. Pakistani’s love it as well. Unbeknownst to many, Chicken Manchurian isn’t Nelson Wang, an Indian, first introduced it in Calcutta.

The Chinese-style velveted chicken was paired with Indian spices, extra garlic, and soy sauce.

Other pseudo-Indo-Chinese recipes were created to satisfy Indian palates.


This Chicken Manchurian food recipe is a surefire winner. A sweet and sour Manchurian gravy covers the velveted chicken. Garlic and soy sauce add flavor to the mildly spicy dish.


This is the best gravy version of chicken Manchurian recipe. The dish is healthy and light because we avoid thick batter and deep frying. A juicy chicken in Manchurian sauce. It’s a Chinese culinary secret called velveting.

We batter and fry chicken. This seals in the juices and makes the chicken delicious. Some recipes call for frying. With less calories and more flavour, I prefer stir fry.

In addition, using homemade ketchup makes this recipe healthy. This nonstick wok is perfect for stir-frying. This recipe calls for lightly battered chicken, as a thicker coating soaks up too much sauce and becomes soggy and heavy.


To prepare this recipe, take a look at the ingredients and check your pantry. Ingredients for which I need to suggest substitutes are listed below.

Bites of boneless chicken cubbed into 34 inch lengths. Because we are velvetting the chicken, it will not be dry or tough.

Light soy sauce keeps gravy bright red.

Egg: Egg coating keeps fried chicken moist. But omit it.

 cornflour slurry : In order to thicken the sauce, use cornflour slurry. You can use cornflour or cornstarch.

In the manchurian sauce, the button red chilis add flavour rather than heat. Any dried chilli will do.

Using garlic paste as well as freshly chopped garlic enhances the flavour of this recipe.

To replace chicken stock and Ajinomoto (MSG) in the recipe, use chicken cube or bullion.

Both are standard in restaurants. Substitute chicken stock for water in the recipe if you omit this component

In addition to onions, green onions and bell peppers pair well with manchurian sauce. Adjust the amount to your preference.

Tomato Ketchup: Replaces sugar, vinegar, and tomato paste. Instead of tomato ketchup, combine all three ingredients.

Easy to find spicy, garlicky ketchup. Substitute more ketchup and red pepper flakes instead.

Use only if you like spicy food.


It comes in various forms. Here’s my deliciously simple version.


In a bowl, combine all ingredients except oil for the marinade for the chicken.

Set it aside for 30 minutes to marinate.

Turn off the heat and stir fry half of the marinated chicken for 2-3 minutes until it turns white and is cooked through.

Place the chicken on a plate. Stir fry remaining chicken with 2 tablespoons of old. Wait for gravy to cook.

Using less flour in the recipe is a good idea. To velvet the chicken, not to crust it.


  • Prepare Manchurian gravy while chicken marinates. Add garlic and dried red button chilli to hot oil in a pot or wok. (You can use any dried red chilli.
  • Sauces, capsicums and chicken stock cubes Depending on the soy sauce’s potency, use more or less of it
  • Mix in water.
  • To thicken the Manchurian sauce, combine cornflour and water in a bowl. Until gravy thickens, cook on low heat, stirring constantly.
  • Recipes for Chicken Manchurian typically use ketchup and add flavour with sugar and vinegar. My Chicken 65 recipe calls for extra ketchup, which substitutes for some of the ingredients.
  • Pour in the chicken munch.
  • Now Manchurian is a mild to hot gravy now. Add black pepper first, then red chilli powder to taste.
  • Serve with plain or fried rice and green onion garnish.


Add 14 cup extra water to gravy and heat thoroughly to make Manchurian sizzler. Heat the hot plate for 15 minutes on the stove.

On the hot plate, spread 1-2 tablespoons of oil all over, then half the Manchurian gravy, and serve right away. Here’s a sizzler plate.


If you don’t want to use chicken bullion, you can use chicken water instead.

If you prefer your gravy with soft onions, you can add onion chunks to the mix.

Slit green chillies can be added for extra heat.

Can be frozen for two months.