Where to Get ICAI Study Material: Your Essential Guide

Navigating the challenging road to becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India is made easier with the right study resources. One crucial set of materials every aspirant needs is the ICAI study material. Compiled by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), this comprehensive package provides all the necessary information to help students crack the CA exams. This article will guide you on where to get ICAI study material.

ICAI Study Material

ICAI’s Official Website

The primary source to access ICAI study material is ICAI’s official website. The institute provides a plethora of resources, including module-wise study material, practice manuals, and mock test papers for each level of the CA course – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final.

To access the materials:

ICAI Cloud Campus

Another valuable resource for students is the ICAI Cloud Campus. The platform is designed to provide interactive learning experiences to CA students. It offers webcasts, podcasts, self-assessment quizzes, and study materials for all subjects in all course levels.

ICAI Regional Branches

Students can also obtain ICAI study material from ICAI’s regional branches located across India. These branches hold a repository of books and materials useful for CA aspirants. Ensure you have your student registration number handy as it’s often required for obtaining the resources.

ICAI Mobile Application

ICAI has its dedicated mobile application – ‘ICAI BOSS’ for Android and ‘ICAI BOS Knowledge Portal’ for iOS users. These apps offer on-the-go access to a wide range of study materials and updates from the institute.

Online Bookstores and Platforms

Several online bookstores and platforms like Amazon India, Flipkart, and CAKART also sell ICAI study materials. These platforms provide doorstep delivery, making it more convenient for students who might be located in remote areas of the country.


The journey of a CA student is undoubtedly challenging, but with the right study materials, it becomes significantly more manageable. The ICAI study material is one such essential tool. Whether you prefer online or offline learning, there are multiple avenues available to access these resources.

So, it’s time to hit those books and let your dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant take flight!

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