Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2 Review

What is the Story About?

After Vecna shows them a glimpse into the terrible future, the Hawkins Group of Nancy, Steve and Robin, Dustin Lucas, Lucas, Max and Dustin devise a plan for Vecna’s death.

Eleven, now having regained her powers listens to the plan and rushes for help. She can’t because Hawkins is impossible to reach in time.

Before arriving in Hawkins, Joyce and Hopper have to deal with Demogorgon’ in the Russian prison.

This series is about how these threads are woven together to form a strong core drama that deals with Vecna, a powerful threat who is determined on changing the world.


Volume two, acting-wise, has very little to offer as it is just the end of season 4. The story has been split into two parts and each participant retains the same intensity as before. Everybody is part of an ongoing story that gets better as the proceedings reach their peak.

Performance-wise, Millie Bobby Brown and Natalia Dyer continue to lead the pack. They are more versatile than the rest and deliver. Winona Ryder, David Harbour and other performers continue to deliver solid performances. Nikola Duricko and Eduardo Franco are great additions to the cast, providing seamless entertainment without compromising the seriousness.


Volume two of Season Four is directed by the Duffer Brothers, creators and producers of Stranger Things. It’s basically the fourth season’s elaborate climax block.

The story continues from the beginning of season four’s seventh episode. Now we know more about Vecna’s sinister plans. It is both confusing and thrilling to see how the whole thing is put together. There is an undercurrent thrill that cannot be missed, regardless of how you slice it.

The series is built on the thrill of adventure and excitement. This aspect has been mastered by The Duffer Brothers from the beginning. The series’ greatest success is due to the group chemistry and the emotional connection with the children. This theme is also continued in the last two episodes.

The two episodes are, as I mentioned earlier in the series, like the season’s finale. The story begins immediately after the antagonist is revealed to be powerful and memorable.

Although the grand master plan to defeat Vecna may seem a bit muddled at first, the execution makes up for it. It is a satisfying blend of the various connections, teamwork that highlights the group, and some answers.

This is where the problem lies: it’s too long. This means that there is much talk between characters. They are essential, but they also follow predictable lines. As a result, they can become boring occasionally.

Even though it is a little disappointing after all the preparations, the actual ending is a good one. There is an easy setup for the next installment, however. The conclusion may disappoint some after all the hours spent.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is filled with adventure and thrills. It is a bit long and boring at times. It is a quick and easy watch for casual viewers, but a must-watch series for those who love the series.

Music and other departments?

Season four’s background score is still outstanding. Volume 2 is an extension of the previous volume. The editing and cinematography give the entire thing a blockbuster popcorn look. It is a masterful fusion of the different threats and threads. All the fun is due to the top-notch writing.