Santhwanam’s Sajin said “I don’t feel as if I’m a superstar I am content with the pleasure of doing something that I enjoy the most


Malayalam TV Actor


is the most popular is the current sensation on Malayalam TV. The actor who had played small roles in films was a star overnight when he joined ‘


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. It could be his ‘Kalippu-style or his on-screen romance the handsome hunk has several websites dedicated to his work.

In an exclusive interview in an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Sajin candidly discussed how “Santhwanam” changed his life. He also talked about his character’s wife Gopika and wife Shafna and much many more…

“I am not a star’

While he’s the star of the small screen The humble actor revealed that he’s just doing what he loves to do.

“I don’t think I have become a star. Santhwanam is a hit. It is after a long time that a Malayalam serial is gaining such huge attention. Just like they love all other characters, they love Shivan also. Now, I am enjoying the satisfaction of doing my most favorite job,” Sajin revealed.