Rosa Bonheur 200th birthday google will use his doodle on search engine

Google celebrated the 200th birthday of Rosa Bonheur, one the most famous female painters of 19 century France, with a lovely doodle on their homepage to showing the world.

Bonheur’s successful career is said have inspired a “future generations of women in the arts”. She is well-known for her realistic style. On the homepage of the search engine, Bonheur, a well-known artist who is known for painting animals, was shown in a similar manner.

The doodle, which was in keeping with Bonheur’s style of painting, showed the artist sitting beneath a tree and looking out over a green pasture with a flock sheep. Bonheur was photographed painting in a natural setting.

Her father, a minor landscape artist, was her father. She was born in Bordeaux, France, on March 16, 1822. Bonheur’s aspirations to a career in the arts was not common for women at the time. She carefully followed the development and preservation of artistic traditions through years spent studying and drawing sketches, before immortalizing them on canvas,” a Google blog post said.

Her works gained popularity as a popular sculptor after being exhibited at the Paris Salon, 1841-1853. Bonheur was made an official French citizen by a French government commission. Her iconic painting “Ploughing in the Nivernais” was displayed in 1849.

Bonheur won international acclaim in 1853 with her painting “The Horse Fair”, a masterpiece that depicts the mood at a Paris horse market. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York still has the painting, which is her most famous work.

French Empress Eugenie awarded one of the most prestigious honors in the country, the Legion of Honor, to recognize her achievements, in 1865. It is still special because it was the first time that the award was presented to a female artist.