Pizza Paratha Recipe

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Pizza paratha also known as roti pizza is made with Indian whole wheat flatbreads – roti, pizza sauce, cheese and herbs. I have made pizza paratha a few times before and one of the methods shared here has been liked by my kids a lot. There are a few different ways to make roti pizza. The easiest to make is just to smear some sauce over the cooked rotis and add cheese. Pop them in the oven until the cheese melts.

But those are way too thin to hold the cheese and the topping so I make them the way I have shown in this post. So how is this different? This is a Paratha recipe with stuffed pizza sauce & veggies, topped with cheese. This is on the heavier side and ideal to serve for a meal.

Just like the way a pizza is served hot, this paratha too is best served hot. You can also accompany this with some light soup. I mostly make Sweet corn soup or vegetable pasta soup to go with these pizza parathas.

You don’t need any chutney or pickle with this paratha if you use a really good pizza sauce. I use this homemade pizza sauce which is very flavorful and lightly spicy.

Pizza Paratha Recipe

The taste and flavor of this pizza paratha comes out very very good only by using a good pizza sauce. You can also make the sauce ahead and refrigerate it for about 2 to 3 weeks. However you can also use store bought sauce for convenience.

I have toasted the pizza paratha on the tawa but you can also put it in a preheated oven for 2 to 3 minutes towards the end to brown the cheese slightly. I have used mozzarella cheese, you can also use four cheese or pizza cheese, grated, cubed or slices as desired.

Flip the paratha and sprinkle grated cheese on the hot paratha. Make sure to put the cheese on the hot side of the paratha. Sprinkle red chilli flakes and Italian herbs. Leave the paratha on a low flame till the cheese melts. Make sure the bottom doesn’t get burnt. At this stage you can skip cooking on the tawa. Just put the paratha on a wire rack in the preheated oven or microwave until the cheese melts.

Parathas are Indian flatbreads made with whole wheat flour. Basically these are made with unleavened dough, meaning no leavening ingredients like yeast, baking powder or baking soda is used. So parathas are quite healthy and make for a great meal anytime of the day. These are made across India and are a staple in most homes.

There are basically 2 kinds of parathas – plain and stuffed. Plain parathas are just kept simple without any filling. The dough can be rolled plain or to layered flatbreads of square or triangle shapes

Make the easiest bread pizza at home under 15 minutes with this easy recipe. Who doesn’t love the gooey cheesy goodness, especially when it’s done in no time! Sure it is a family favorite! Bread pizza makes a great snack, appetizer and even a quick meal option served with a soup or some salad on the side. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy them any time of the day. In this post I share 3 ways to make a bread pizza – in the oven, air fryer and on a griddle.

Bread pizza is a pizza variety made with bread as the base, replacing the pizza dough. Also known as pizza bread, it is made much the same way as a regular pizza with sauce, cheese and other toppings of choice. Any kind of bread like white bread, sandwich bread, French bread, Italian bread or even buns can be used to make this bread pizza.Since you don’t need to bake the base, making this is a breeze. Plus you have plenty of topping options similar to your regular pizza.

Mozzarella cheese, four cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese or pizza cheese can be used for the topping. This time I have used mozzarella. Sometimes I also use a combination of feta cheese & mozzarella.I have also used sliced olives here. If you do not have, just skip them. In this post I have used homemade pizza sauce (link in recipe card). If you do not have it then you may replace with any tomato sauce or even a good pesto.

You can also make a bread pizza sandwich with the same recipe. Just skip toasting the bread, apply the pizza sauce and then top with your favorite ingredients and grill it in a sandwich toaster.