Kinnerasani Review

What’s the Story?
Kinnerasani is about to released in Telugu and Malayalam language.Vedha (Ann Sheetal) has been searching at her deceased father over a number of years. She seeks the assistance of a lawyer Venkat (Kalyan Dheev) to locate the man. After a long time, Vedha finally gets the details about her father’s location under a set of circumstances that are not expected.

A serial killer is at on the loose within the city. The police are hunting the suspect, and they happen to meet with Vedha as they investigate. Do the two paths linked? Did Vedha have a relationship with her father? What’s the secret kept by Venkat? The answers to these questions are the basis of Kinnerasani’s plot.

Kalyan Dhev is a good actor physically. He’s styled beautifully but he’s not the power to play the character or even make it exciting in his acting. The absence of expression can be confused with mystery in the role. This isn’t the case.

Ann Sheetal has an exciting role, but it isn’t utilized effectively. Shealso wears an awkward expression throughout and makes her look dull. A more fleshed-out, well-constructed character could have helped create a more dramatic look, since there’s plenty of potential.

Ramana Teja of Ashwathama fame directs Kinnerasani. He has chosen a thriller topic, this time, that includes a serial killer angle also.

The opening sequence of the film is fascinating. There is a grisly murder that is and then an opening to the main story that involves Vedha as well as Venkat. The initial actions of the two add to the suspense and make one anticipate the events.

The main sequence at the library where the “book angle is presented as well as the flashback that follows are enticed. It’s interesting to know what the future holds however, the fascination isn’t long-lasting.

The reason there isn’t much excitement is more related to the lackluster execution, rather than the actual content. There’s enough in the story to entertain however, the manner in which the entire thing is done makes one feel unsatisfied.

The suspense, excitement and thrills levels of tension are absent as the story isn’t gripping enough. The story moves from one revelation to the next and then we get to the main flashback without any feeling of being involved. It’s as if everyone is in motion for the sole purpose of finishing the story, instead of making it enjoyable.

There are some minor changes and twists, but things become more predictable as we approach an hour two. Additionally, there’s some confusion regarding the events leading to the conclusion.

Overall, Kinnerasani is an intriguing story, without doubt, but it’s in the execution that is where it falls short. It’s dull and boring generally. If you enjoy thrillers, give it go at the basic plot and the first few moments, but don’t expect too much.

Other Artists?
Ravindra Vijay playing Jayadev, has the most difficult character of all. He is a good actor in some parts, but in critical parts, you can’t help feeling that he’s been a bit over the top. It has more about the typical gestures associated with the scene than actual, excessive actions. Shreya Tyagi is okay in the tiny portion she is given. Satya Prakash, and Shan are doing fine.

Music and Other Departments?
Mahati Swara Sagar composes the music as well as the background score. The music is decent however the background score is superior when compared to the background score. It increases the suspense and intrigue initially.

Dinesh K. Babu’s cinematography may be better given the possibilities available. Editing of Anwar Ali is good. The writing is not up to par generally. However, in some crucial instances, it’s okay.