Forensic Review

What Is the Story About?
ZEE5’s Original Hindi film “Forensic” an unfinished remake of Malayalam thriller with the same title. The film is set against the setting of the twin hill towns in Mussoorie as well as Dehradun. Megha Sharma (Radhika Apte) receives by a little girl who’s body has been discovered at the local dumpyard. The murders continue to unfold and all of the murders occur around the time of birthdays for the victim. Expert in Forensics Johnny Khanna (Vikrant Massey) is brought in to assist in the investigation. Are they successful in identifying the mystery of the “Birthday Killer”?

Forensic may represent the only time during the great professional careers of Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte that these talented actors fail to make even a single impression on the audience. This is not because they have lost control of their acting abilities. They’ve both been forced to play underdeveloped character roles, that are caricaturish and uninformed which is a waste of talent.

Prachi Desai is terribly wrongly cast in Forensic even though her performance is flawless. Vindu Dara Singh plays adorable and funny as Megha Sharma’s police officer subordinate, Rawat. Rohit Roy plays the one actor that is fairly well-cast.

Forensic is a remake that had absolutely no reason to be made. It doesn’t just smudge memory of what we remember from the first it also is a complete shocker to the absurdity of the story and direction. From the very beginning you are acutely aware of the poor quality of the work we are presented with. The background of the villain as well as the way it’s executed creates the scene for the absurdities to come.

Many kidnappings, murders and kidnappings are arranged in quick and swift succession during the opening half of the novel. However, at no time does the plot frighten enough to cause a chill of terror through the spine of the viewer. Instead there is a sense of disconnection from the events on the screen. The murders aren’t particularly grim or horrific, but are disturbing to the intellect.

The characters are boring enough that we do not get interested in them, nor do we know what they experience and the reasons. The expert in forensics Johnny Khanna (Vikrant Khanna) is a peculiar character. When he’s investigating the most horrific of murders, he’s apathetic to the level of disrespect and disdain. It’s quite irritating. It’s even more annoying the absurd takeoffs of his name, each beginning with that nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny”. It just shows the ingenuity of the authors.

The narrative is very careful to showcase the forensic investigations that are featured in the film. However, these investigations aren’t very convincing. Even in a moment when streaming is at its peak , and people are exposed to amazing forensics and forensics of shows like Sherlock and Bones, Forensic appears like a baby in the woods prior to it.

The plot takes many twists and turns throughout the seemingly long runtime however the majority are sloppy and laughable. The first is the search for an eyewitness named “Pahadi,” who’s been wanted for nothing. After that, a sloppy encounter with the entire dwarf population of Dehradun. The last twist, however, is a slap in the absurdity. It’s the last nail that is buried in the fundamentals of the film. It’s not that the Malayalam original was an exceptional film. However, it’s the Hindi remake is a shambles. The filmmakers attempt to be all “Raatchasan” on us at the close, but fail to create the same terror and shock.

When all is said and done, Forensic is a shoddily produced film with a lax narrative, a weak script and characters who don’t do anything for the viewers.

Music and Other Departments?
Adrija Gupta’s background score for Forensic is as sloppy as its plot and the characters. It is not always in tune with the gravitas or lack of it, of the action on screen. Anshul Chobey’s cinematography does not convey the character or the nuances of pure Dehradun or Mussoorie.