Butter chicken Curry recipe

Butter chicken curry is one of the easiest and most popular recipe all among the world. No need to hunt hard all the ingredients . You can get them easily in market .

chicken get incredibly delicious taste due to yogurt marinade . Butter chicken sauce taste is also on next level .

As some people loves the food and its not a big task to get a ridiculous taste but with a little effort. You don’t have to be millionaire to enjoy a good meal because its so simple for everyone on Friday night .

As i much love Indian or Pakistani recopies due to their special spices. I find all list ingredients and then its easy to make butter chicken curry when i collect all the ingredients. I am elated to share this most exceptional delicious recipe . You can get all the ingredients from any super market.

How to make butter chicken curry ? Easy steps

  • Mix all the ingredients with yogurt and then marinate chicken for about 3-6 hours
  • then cook marinated chicken
  • make your ridiculous chicken sauce

the secret of infused taste is due to the chicken marinaton in yougurt for hours. It gives a nice texture and infued taste.

How much butter is needed for butter chicken ?

Butter is used basically for the taste . Restaurants use a lot of butter for cooking and then topping . but I found that a small amount of butter gives an incredible taste . You don’t need to just watch in videos ,now you can cook at home.

Butter chicken Sauces

Butter chicken sauce is made of tomato paste , coriander , red chili and a little amount of vinegar . first it will give a pale orange color but on continuously cooking and stirring will give it a nice orange color .

How to serve Butter chicken?

Butter Chicken: What to Serve
Side dishes and appetisers are required for a proper Indian meal. Because, after all, every curry needs papadums for dipping and naan to mop up the sauce.

Papadums that don’t need to be fried – just heat them up! Cook on high for 45 seconds to 1 minute, or until the papadums puff up around the edge of the microwave turntable. When they’re hot, they’ll be soft, but when they cool, they’ll crisp up. Your thighs will not expand as much as they would if deep fried.

Samosas! This is the ultimate appetiser from India. Snacks or lunch can be made with leftovers.

Proper naan – After 5 years of development, I’m thrilled to finally share my proper naan recipe, which can be made at home (no tandoor required!).

My Easy No Yeast Flatbread looks and tastes very similar to real naan (except it’s much faster and easier!). Try convincing me that this isn’t part of the feast!

Vegetable Side options have also been requested by readers as a way to add some greens to a meal. In contrast to Western cuisine, Indian cuisine lacks fresh side salads. Partly because so much Indian food is vegetarian, you’ll eat a lot of vegetables!

However, here are some vegetable side dish options to go with your Butter Chicken:

Tomato Salad with Minted Yogurt Dressing (Indian Tomato Salad);

Another great refreshing salad that goes well with curries is cucumber salad with lemon yoghurt dressing.

Simply sliced cucumber and tomato wedges, with no dressing. A cool and refreshing side

Fresh, crunchy South Indian Thoran-style Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Coconut is laced with gentle spices and coconut!

Try my Everyday Cabbage Salad for a simpler cabbage salad.

I hope this has piqued your interest in preparing an Indian meal at home! Despite the fact that there are only a few ingredients in the Butter Chicken, it has a surprising depth of flavour.