Farewell to Jessticulates

Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing really well and that 2022 is being kind to you.

I’m sure you can guess what’s coming from the title of this post, but I’m sorry to say this is goodbye for now.

I have had the most amazing time blogging over the past few years. I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers I now consider friends, I’ve been introduced to so many new books and writers I never would have encountered if it weren’t for the blogosphere, and I’ve had so much fun creating reviews and discussion posts.

Unfortunately, right now, the fun has stopped for me, and I’ve always blogged because I’ve enjoyed it. 99.9% of us aren’t paid for all the hard work we do!

I started my new job back in October and I love it. This is the kind of job I’ve been aiming for throughout my publishing career and while it certainly has its challenges and stresses like any other job, I get up every morning and I look forward to going to work. That’s a wonderful feeling.

Work is still work, though, and this is a job that uses a lot of creativity. That’s no bad thing! I get to think up book campaigns and design ads and pitch to magazines and newspapers, but it means the creative energy I have left over from that is energy I want to use to write my own fiction. I have SO MANY unfinished short stories and partially-started novels lying around that I haven’t been able to finish while trying to balance work and everything else, but I’m starting to make time for writing in the way I used to make time for blogging. I have put so much energy into this blog and I don’t regret it because I’ve loved it, but it’s energy that I now want to put elsewhere.

I’ve always been a storyteller – I’ve been making up stories in my head, and sometimes even remembering to write them down, since I was a little girl – and while I chip away at my own creative projects, my day job involves helping other writers bring their books into the world. When I blog, I help authors I don’t work with by yelling about their books where I can. Now, though, I want to do myself the justice of taking myself seriously and letting myself focus on the stories I want to write, and not only promoting everyone else’s.

I hope that doesn’t sound bitter because it’s not meant to – I’ve loved blogging and I love working in publishing – but I want to start finishing some of these bloody stories so I can start submitting to magazines and putting myself out there.

If you want to stay in touch, though, I’m not about to vanish off the face of the earth! You can find my personal Twitter here (I’m probably going to private this soon, as I’d like to keep my distance between my personal Twitter and my work Twitter) and I’m on Instagram here, where I mostly just share cottagecore vibes on my stories because I am that basic. I’m also on Goodreads here and StoryGraph here, if you’re interested in what I’m reading.

And feel free to DM me on my work Twitter account if any of you would like to be added to Rebellion Publishing’s reviewer newsletter to get first dibs on ARCs and eARCs! I still love blogs and bloggers, and I’m always on the lookout for more bloggers who’d like to be added to our reviewer list. (Please don’t DM me about ARCs etc. on my personal account; I keep the two separate for my mental health so I don’t have to be At Work 24/7.)

Finally, I want to say a big, huge, massive, cuddly THANK YOU to everyone who’s ever followed this blog, liked a post or left a comment. I genuinely so appreciate you taking the time to read the ramblings and rants and reviews I’ve written, and I’ve loved some of the discussions I’ve had with other readers from all over the world. Blogging kept me going throughout 2020 – I know that sounds dramatic, but I was furloughed for around 3 months and having the blog to write content for kept me creating at a time when my mental health was at an all-time low – so deciding to stop hasn’t been an easy decision.

It is the right one, though, and it’s a relief to have made it.

See you around the internet!

11 thoughts on “Farewell to Jessticulates

  1. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    Ahh! Well!! Farewell! I have enjoyed reading your posts over the past couple years and will miss seeing them pop up in my feed reader. But of course it sounds like you are making the right call for where you’re at in your life now. I can definitely understand needing some separation between work and hobby. Take care and hope all goes well with you in the future.


  2. Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies says:

    I’m sorry to see you go, but I support you! It sounds like you’re making the right decision for your own well-being and creative energy, and that’s what matters. I’ve really enjoyed your posts over the years! Please keep in touch. Wishing you all the best!


  3. Stephanie - Bookfever says:

    I’ll miss your blog posts, Jess. They have been some of my favorites! But I totally understand why you have decided to say goodbye to blogging. And I’m sure we’ll see each other on Twitter and stuff. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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