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Hello friends! Apologies that I’ve been a little absent from the blogosphere – I’m in the midst of trying to get a mortgage and a place to live, so life’s a bit… much, right now – but I’m so ready for a readathon to boost my spirits…

Last year G @ Book Roast wowed the bookish community when she announced the new direction of her annual Magical Readathon, previously associated with the series that shall not be named, and the whole fantasy world she’d created.

That first readathon was all about getting to Orilium Academy and, if you so wished, creating a character for it – essentially a version of D&D where you’re reading books instead of rolling dice! There was also a story you could follow along, and the decisions you or your character would make would decide which Guild at Orilium Academy you belong to. I created a TBR for that readathon but didn’t get much reading done at all in the end – I was in a slump for most of last year – but you don’t need to have taken part in that first readathon to take part in the Magical Readathon going forward.

I used this video to catch up, and ultimately discovered I belong to The Archivists Guild – which doesn’t surprise me at all!

The Orilium: Gear Up is a mini readathon running from the 14-20 March where we can prepare ourselves for our first year at the Academy! G explains it all much better than I can here:

Firstly, I thought I should take a look at my character creation! If I hadn’t read a book to fit those three prompts this year, I wanted to add them to my Gear Up TBR, but funnily enough my last three reads fit all of my prompts perfectly…

Character Creation


Read a book largely set in a forest/outside

I finally listened to the audiobook of Across the Green Grass Fields by Seanan McGuire, most of which is set outside because the heroine finds herself in a land inhabited by centaurs, unicorns and kelpies! I adored this novella.


Read a book that features fae or elven characters

City of Strife by Claudie Arseneault was on my TBR for so long – a political fantasy brimming with queer rep, including lots of aro and ace rep from an aroace author? Yes please! – and quite a lot of the characters just so happened to be elves.


Read a contemporary or non-fiction book

I accidentally stayed up until 2 in the morning last night because I made the mistake of opening a Karen M. McManus book before I went to bed, and McManus’s YA thrillers are the kind I always want to devour in one gulp. I ended up having so much fun with You’ll Be the Death of Me and, as a contemporary novel, it fulfils this prompt!

And now, the two prompts for my Gear Up TBR!



Read a book with a bone/skull on the cover or the word ‘bone’ in the title/series name

I have an eARC of T. Kingfisher’s latest novel which fits this prompt perfectly! I’ve loved other work that I’ve read by Kingfisher and I’m really excited to give Nettle & Bone a try.


Laima (Goddess of Fate)

Read a book in which fate plays a big role

Oof. This book is much more of a risk for me. I always told myself I’d never read Juliet Marillier’s Child of the Prophecy after I loathed Son of the Shadows so much, but I loved Daughter of the Forest so deeply that I’d like to try and complete this initial trilogy — I don’t have any interest in reading the other three Sevenwaters books. The thing I hated most about Son of the Shadows was how one character in particular was treated, so as the heroine of Child of the Prophecy is that character’s daughter I’m intrigued. I’m borrowing this one from the library!

Are you taking part in Orilium: Gear Up? How’s your reading going this month?

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