Announcing AroAce April!

Hello friends, and a very Happy Aro Week to you all!

As it’s currently Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week it feels like the perfect time to announce something that’s coming to my blog this year: AroAce April!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m on the aroace spectrum and often seeking out more aro and ace rep in fiction, particularly as it’s still fairly rare to come across characters who are canonically aro or ace or both and we usually have to read them that way ourselves. Personally it’s something I’m still happy to do – I love having my own headcanons for certain characters – but there’s no denying the excitement I feel when I learn about a book that has a canonically aro and/or ace character, because the sad truth is there are some people even within the LGBT+ community who don’t think people like me belong in queer spaces.

So this April, my blog will be nothing but aro and ace content! I’ll be reviewing books that include aromantic and/or asexual characters and interviewing some authors and writers who fall somewhere on the spectrum. This isn’t a strict ‘you must be aroace to take part’ event, because sexuality is a spectrum and it is possible to be aromantic without being asexual and vice versa.

With that said, if you are an aromantic and/or asexual author or writer and you’d like to take part in AroAce April with an interview or guest post, please do reach out to me via my contact page!

I already have some fantastic authors and writers lined up for interviews – I’m so excited they’ll be taking part – and I can’t wait to get stuck into some of the books on my TBR so I can celebrate aro and ace rep in fiction. Particularly fantasy fiction, as it’s my favourite genre!

So I hope you’ll enjoy the posts I have planned. In the meantime, may you read a bunch of excellent aro and ace books this year!

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