Polarthon 2022 | TBR

From the 7th-13th February, Jadeyraereads is hosting another round of Polarthon, her readathon inspired by polar fantasy! You can watch her video right here for more info:

Despite the fact that I’m more of a winter girl than a summer girl – I don’t dislike the summer at all, I just can’t stand being hot and sweaty – I tend to gravitate more towards desert fantasy than polar fantasy in my reading, perhaps because winters in the UK can be so cold a desert setting is more of an escape for me. This round of Polarthon seemed far too fun to pass up on, though, and I’m going to use it as a chance to read some wintery Middle Grade before spring arrives!

The aim is to follow one of the routes up the mountain to the goddess, and I’ve decided to follow the route of the explorers…

An Adventure

I’ve been keen to read The Midnight Guardians ever since I first came across it – it sounds so charming, and like the perfect read for Polarthon – and after recently realising my library has it, I snapped it up. I’d really like to make an effort to read more MG this year!

Cold Word + Foiled Cover

I treated myself to the Kindle edition of this MG anthology at some point last year, I think, and Polarthon seems like the perfect time to dive into it! The hardback of Winter Magic has some foiling on it so, as we can double-up on prompts that are next to each other, I’m going to make the readathon a bit easier for myself.

Icy Magic

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my all-time favourite shows, but I’ve never read any of the follow-up graphic novels so I’ve requested The Promise from my library. I really struggled trying to think of books that involved ice magic (please leave your recommendations below!), but as a waterbender Katara has power over ice and graphic novels are always easy to get through for a readathon.

Polar Fantasy

I’ve heard so much praise for Frostheart, so I’m planning to borrow the audiobook from the library!

Are you taking part in Polarthon? What are your reading plans for February?

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