November 2021 TBR | #SciFiMonth & #NonfictionNovember

November sees the return of two annual bookish celebrations that I always try to take part in, in some way or another! As someone who primarily reads fantasy and historical fiction, neither sci-fi nor non-fiction are genres I reach for very often, which is why November is such a fun opportunity for me to try and prioritise them for just a little while.


Artwork by Liu Zishan from | Quote from Babylon’s Ashes by James S A Corey

Once again imyril and Lisa are hosting a month-long celebration of science fiction throughout November, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s reviews and posts! I’m not giving myself a huge TBR for SciFiMonth because I still need to make a dent in my autumn TBR, but there are two books sitting on my shelf that I’d like to cross off my TBR if I can.

I’ve heard so many good things about Everina Maxwell’s Winter’s Orbit, so much so that I bought myself a copy earlier this year and yet still haven’t read it, and Lisa just so happens to be hosting a read-along this SciFiMonth which gives me the perfect opportunity to finally pick it up! Last SciFiMonth I was lucky enough to win a copy of Seven Devils by Laura Lam and Elizabeth May, which has sat patiently on my bookshelf ever since, so it’s another one I’d like to finally get to and review this SciFiMonth.

Nonfiction November

Nonfiction November was created by abookolive and has been running for several years now! There are no strict rules, it’s simply an encouraging way to celebrate non-fiction, whether you’re an avid reader of it or a complete newbie.

As always Olive has provided us with some general themes for this year’s readathon, though you don’t have to incorporate them into your reading at all to take part, so this year I’ve picked a book for each theme with the hope that I get to at least one of them…


A collection of historical accounts of accused witches makes up The Penguin Book of Witches, brought together by novelist Katherine Howe, and for some reason it’s a book I still haven’t dipped into despite my keen interest in the history of witch trials in Europe and North America.


As someone who’s been a huge fan of Disney since I was very small, the history of women in the animation industry is a history I’d like to learn a lot more about so it’s about time I read The Queens of Animation. The history of women in Hollywood in general is such a treasure trove, and I imagine there are so many other stories to be discovered.


Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five is my favourite non-fiction book, which is proof I’m already a huge fan of her writing style, and as someone who’s also very interested in learning more about the history of sex workers, The Covent Garden Ladies is right up my street. Plus it inspired the BBC drama Harlots, which I keep meaning to watch!


I’d never heard of the treatment of Elizabeth Packard until I came across The Woman They Could Not Silence in an independent bookshop in North Wales and had to pick it up. This woman was essentially sent to an insane asylum by her husband for daring to have opinions about politics, and she sounds fascinating. This one’s on my autumn TBR, so it’d be great to get to it!

What are you reading this November?

9 thoughts on “November 2021 TBR | #SciFiMonth & #NonfictionNovember

  1. Bianca P says:

    I absolutely love scifi month! I usually find the best recommendations and this time around was no exception! I think it’s great you expand your horizons and try out some scifi even though it’s not your chosen genre. That is true book blogger dedication!

    My favorite find of the month was “Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah” by author Dixon Troyer ( This is a satirical, science fiction novel that presents an alternative history of major events throughout Earth’s history. The book focuses on Lordiah, an alien who comes to earth 4 thousand years ago to mine gold. After his initial visit he influences and directly causes many of the major events in our history. The author takes modern conspiracy theories and weaves them together with ancient myths, bible stories and documented history. He adds a generous helping of humor and fantasy to the mix. When Lordiah reunites with his abandoned daughter (under very unusual circumstances) he knows he has put her life at risk. So begins the journey to find safety for his daughter while regaling the listener with stories of Earths “history”. Very unique and fun read! If you are excited to be finished up with scifi this month maybe you can save it until next year’s challenge? lol!


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