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I don’t know about you, but every now and then I love having a book tag to fall back on when I’m in the mood to post some content but I don’t have any reviews or interesting discussion posts ready to share with the blogosphere. I’ve previously created the Tudor Queens Book Tag and then went further back in time to do the Medieval Queens Book Tag, so this time I thought I’d come forward a little to the royal family that are often overlooked: the Stuarts.

The Stuarts were a very old royal family from Scotland who came to power in England following the death of the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I. James VI of Scotland became James I of England because his great-grandmother was Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, who became Queen of Scotland when she married James IV.

But who cares about James? Let’s take a look at the Stuart queens…

Anne of Denmark

The wife of James VI of Scotland and I of England, Anne was England’s first Stuart queen and a keen patron of the arts, so choose a book about, or a book that incorporates, poetry, music or art…

Joy McCullough’s Blood Water Paint is a novel in verse about one of my favourite women from history, Artemisia Gentileschi. It’s a wonderful, beautifully written book that I devoured in a single afternoon.

Henrietta Maria of France

Poor Henrietta Maria, who was both French and Catholic, was not a popular lady in Protestant England, but her marriage to Charles I was ultimately a happy one – even though it ended in tragedy for them. Choose an unpopular book or character you will always defend…

That would be Molly from Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, who gets far too much criticism from the Realm of the Elderlings fandom than I’d like. Granted she could do something terrible in the later trilogies that I don’t know about yet, but in the first trilogy Fitz is pretty unfair to her a lot of the time. They’re both terrible for each other but Fitz is such a fan favourite that Molly gets a lot of the blame for what becomes of their relationship, and it kind of stinks. She’s not perfect, but neither is Fitz.

Catherine of Braganza

Originally from Portugal, Catherine was Queen consort of England as the wife of Charles II. The two of them never had any children, but Charles fathered many children with his many mistresses. Choose a book with a protagonist who deserved a better love interest…

Definitely Gilene from Grace Draven’s Phoenix Unbound. I loathed Azarion with a passion. Stealing and blackmailing a woman does not a romance make, and the frustrating thing is the story didn’t need to include that at all. Without reviewing the book all over again, Azarion essentially steals Gilene and blackmails her into helping him reclaim his birthright, except that Gilene isn’t really happy in the village he steals her from, so the story easily could have started with the two of them making a deal to help each other out instead of Azarion being a dickhole for 90% of the novel.

Mary of Modena

Mary was the second wife of James II, and the only one of his two wives to be Queen consort, but the couple’s Catholicism made them very unpopular in England. It was widely rumoured that their only son to survive to adulthood, James Francis Edward Stuart, was a changeling who was smuggled into the birthing chamber in a warming pan, so choose a book about the fae…

Tipping my hat to the Stuarts’ Scottish roots, I’m going to go with The Falconer by Elizabeth May. This YA steampunk/alternate history/historical fantasy basically reads like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only make it 19th century Scotland and make the vampires faeries. I keep meaning to finish up this trilogy!

Mary II

Mary was the daughter of James II and his first wife, Anne Hyde, and, most importantly for the English people, she wasn’t Catholic. She married William of Orange in 1677 and became heir presumptive when her uncle, Charles II, died without any legitimate children eight years later. She and William deposed her father in 1688, in what is known as the Glorious Revolution, and ruled England, Scotland and Ireland together, so choose a book written by more than one author…

I know very little about Master of One by Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett, but something about it really intrigues me. It sounds a bit heisty, but it also involves the fae and it’s queer. I need to give it a try!

Anne, Queen of Great Britain

Anne was Mary’s younger sister and inherited the throne when Mary and William died without an heir. During her reign the Acts of Union were passed in the Scottish and English Parliaments, making Anne the first monarch of Great Britain and Ireland, so choose a book that fits into more than one genre…

Is it science fiction? Is it fantasy? Is it a murder mystery? Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir is basically all three and so much more. I hoped I’d enjoy this novel but I ended up adoring it and the audiobook is fantastic.

So there we have it! After Anne, the Georgians took over – perhaps they’ll get their own book tag one day, too. Until then, feel free to give this one a go if you’re so inclined!

13 thoughts on “ORIGINAL | Stuart Queens Book Tag

  1. Susy's Cozy World says:

    I love your tags!! 😍 And I am with you about Molly and Fitz. Fitz is a favorite of mine, but I can’t depict Molly as the “villain” in there relationship, it is not right!!
    And I have Mater of One waiting for me, I hope to read (and love) it soon!!


  2. JonBob says:

    I love this! Books and history – my two fave things. Def gonna give it a go myself at some point. Might dig out the others one you did too, I enjoyed this a lot ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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