My 2021 Goals | Mid-Year Check-in

Back in January I shared my 2021 goals as part of Top Ten Tuesday. As it’s now July – how?! – I thought I’d take a look back at my goals and see how I’m doing!

Stop requesting books from NetGalley ✓

I have still requested some books from NetGalley, but I don’t think I’ve requested as many as I have in previous years and it’s something I’ve done less and less throughout the year so far. Apart from requesting some of my most highly anticipated books, I can’t see myself using NetGalley much at all in future, so I’m going to count this as a win!

Make an effort to read more of the books on my shelves ✗

Uhhh yeah, I think I’ve failed at this so far. I’ve only read 8 physical books so far this year and only 2 of those – Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan and Lamentation by C. J. Sansom – were on my shelf for over a year. I’ve mentioned that I was in a slump for the majority of the first half of the year, though, and I’ve also done several unhauls so I do feel a bit more on top of my physical TBR, even though I haven’t read as much from my backlist as I might have liked to.

Buy no physical books from Amazon ✓

Success! I haven’t done this at all, and I’ve been really enjoying ordering from bookshops and using my local library. I wrote a post all about where I buy my books from!

Move out ✗

Nope, still haven’t managed this yet! I’m currently on the look-out for a new job that will pay me more so I can actually afford to rent my own place, because I’m 29-years-old and done with house shares. Fingers crossed something will come along!

Exercise regularly ✓

This was a bit difficult during the first few months of the year when everything was locked down, although I got out for walks when I could, but now I am doing this! I go to zumba every Monday and just this past week I’ve started the Couch to 5k challenge.

Start a cookbook collection – and actually cook from them!

Another one I haven’t been able to do yet, mostly because this will be much easier for me to do when I can move out. I need my own kitchen to be able to practice all the recipes I’d like to try, because my parents’ kitchen is very much my mum’s domain.

Get to a 100 day streak on Duolingo! ✓

I did it! Sadly, my daily lessons dropped off a few weeks after I hit that goal – I did challenge myself to get to 365 days once I achieved 100, but one particularly busy evening Duolingo forgot to send me a reminder and I lost my streak. I’m still bitter, but I should get back to my Italian lessons.

Learn to read music ✗

I haven’t been able to do this yet either! Practising on my keyboard is something else I need to get back into – if only there was more time in the day for all the hobbies I’d like to have.

Cosplay ✗

This hasn’t been possible yet, there haven’t been any Comic Cons on near me and I don’t know when Cardiff Comic Con is coming back, but hopefully this is something I can do eventually.

Finish three short stories ✗

I’ve finished one – and even submitted it to a magazine! – and that in itself feels like such an accomplishment. I can’t remember the last time I finished something. Unfortunately it wasn’t accepted by the magazine, in all honesty I don’t know if my short fiction will ever be good enough for publication, but I have been writing much more regularly this year and I’ve really enjoyed scribbling in my notebooks after work.

Overall I think I’m doing pretty well! How are your 2021 goals going?

14 thoughts on “My 2021 Goals | Mid-Year Check-in

  1. Rabeeah says:

    I love that you set goals and are actually checking in on them – if I set a goal for myself I promptly forget I ever did such a thing. Did you stop requesting books from NetGalley because you don’t have the time to read them? Because that’s the reason I’ve never requested any books, actually, I’d feel so guilty not reading it in time!

    Congrats on hitting so many of your goals, particularly difficult ones like Duolingo (the owl is coming after me at this point) and exercising regularly in a lockdown! I can also totally vouch for Couch to 5k, it’s great for running consistently!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jess @ Jessticulates says:

      Yeah, I have a very bad habit of requesting books and then falling behind on reviews, which just isn’t fair on the authors. My main reason, though, is that I own so many books I haven’t read yet, so I’d like to focus on buying/borrowing the new books I really want to read so I can also read the books on my backlist. 🙂

      Thanks! Yeah, I just completed my first week of Couch to 5k and, even though I find it hard when I’m doing it, I can already feel myself looking forward to the next run, which is exciting as someone who has pretty much always DESPISED running.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rabeeah says:

        It really is hard to read the books on your shelf when there are always exciting new releases…

        Ah good luck with the rest of your running programme then! Imo, it’s pretty wild how much running really IS ‘mind over matter’ — in that you think you can’t do it and soon you’re running 5ks!!

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  2. Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies says:

    Congrats on hitting so many of your goals! Sounds like you’re enjoying Zumba — I’ve been wanting to try it, and maybe this summer I finally will. I’ve been totally failing at reading more books from my shelves, but I think that connects to the NetGalley issue. I thought I was requesting fewer books, but my reading year has ended up completely dominated by NG. I need to follow in your footsteps on this one!


  3. Stephanie - Bookfever says:

    You’re doing great, Jess! I’ve been borrowing from the library more too, I volunteer at one so it’s hard to resist seeing them there 😂 but that’s not a bad thing of course!

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  4. JonBob says:

    If you’re into Asian food I can enthusiastically recommend both East and Fresh India by Meera Sodha to expand your cook book selection. She has an excellent pad thai recipe that’s become a staple in my house as well as a very pleasing array of other delicious meals.


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