#PathOrPantheon TBR | The Path of the Home

The #MythTakeReads book club, which focuses on reading books that retell and are inspired by myth, fairy tales and folklore, are hosting the Path or Pantheon readathon throughout July. Louise @ Foxes and Fairy Tales brought it to my attention and I couldn’t resist taking part – it feels like ages since I’ve actively participated in a readathon, and I’m hoping it’ll give me an extra boost to read throughout July!

The idea for this readathon is that you can either choose a particular pantheon of gods, or you can choose a theme which includes one god from each of the pantheons, and read five books that fit the prompts. I decided to choose the Path of the Home so I can be inspired by a god from each of the pantheons, but also because I have a bit of a soft spot for Hestia from Greek myth. She sounds like the cottagecore goddess. You can find all the details about the readathon over on Twitter here!


Fire on cover/in title

Okay so it’s not quite fire, but I’m hoping We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal is close enough. This YA fantasy has been on my TBR for a while now and summer is the ideal time to reach for desert fantasy.


Featuring family

I’ve forgotten which lovely blogger recommended Queens of the Wyrd by Timandra Whitecastle to me, but it sounds so up my street. Fittingly for the Frigg prompt it feels very Norse-inspired, and follows a group of shieldmaidens who regroup when one member’s daughter is in need of rescue. I love it when fantasy novels have heroines who are mothers, so I’m excited to try this one!


Young female MC

The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniar is a Middle Grade novel set in Seville which follows a young girl who joins a crew of ruthless women pirates. It sounds like such a fun summer read.


Featuring food/cooking

It’s about time I gave Elizabeth Acevedo’s work a try and this prompt is the perfect excuse to finally read With the Fire on High, which has one of the prettiest YA covers out there.


Featuring water

It’d be good to read at least one of the books on my summer TBR for this readathon. I’ll probably need to return Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid to the library fairly soon and I imagine it’ll be a pretty quick and easy read. Two of the characters are surfers, so I think it counts!

Are you taking part in the Path or Pantheon readathon?

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