Choose Your Fellowship Book Tag!

Beth @ BooksNest is co-hosting the TolkienALong, and she’s created a really fun tag to go along with it!

I can never resist a good tag and I just had to give this one a go…


I will take the ring to Mordor | A book you’re not quite sure if you like or not

I thought I’d love Angela Slatter’s Of Sorrow and Such, a novella about witches, but since finishing it I still haven’t been able to decide whether or not I liked it. I think I might need to try some more of Slatter’s work before I make my mind up about it.


I can’t carry it, but I can carry you | A book you’ll always be loyal to

I’m sure no one’s surprised that it’s The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, which also just happens to be my favourite book. I adore it and I re-read it every year.


What about second breakfast? | A book you want to re-read

Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger is one of my favourite novels, and it’s one of those stories where the very last line changes everything about how the reader perceives the story. I’d love to re-read it knowing exactly where it’s going to see if I can spot all the hints Waters must have dropped along the way.


We’re going with you, Frodo | A book about friendship

Justina Ireland’s Deathless Divide is one of the ultimate friendship novels for me, made all the more special for me personally because one of the heroines, Katherine, is aroace. I love this novel a great deal and I desperately need more people to read it.


For Frodo! | A book with a hero/heroine to swoon over

Brishen from Radiance and Eidolon by Grace Draven is basically a monster boyfriend, and I love me a monster boyfriend. He might look a bit scary to us humans, but he’s actually a sweetheart and I love how calm he is.


That still only counts as one! | The biggest book on your TBR

I’ve been meaning to read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas for years – my edition is around 1,200 pages long – and I’ve yet to manage it. One day I’ll get to it. One day!


Shall I get you a box? | A short but fun read

For He Can Creep by Siobhan Carroll was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette earlier this year and I loved it! Who wouldn’t want a story about a cat fighting the devil?


They’ve taken the little ones | A series in which you never made it past the first book

I crossed Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch off my TBR earlier this year, and I’m glad I did, but it wasn’t really for me. I might return to the series one day if I hear really good things about the series as a whole, but as of right now I’m not interested in continuing with it.


All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us | A book that made you think about your life, the universe and everything once you finished it

I don’t know if I’ve ever read a book that’s led me to having an existential crisis about the universe, but I’m always going to be glad I read Malorie Blackman’s Noughts & Crosses when I did. I grew up in the English countryside and the town I grew up in was 99% white, so I’m incredibly thankful I was able to be introduced to an issue as serious as racism through this novel. It’s still one of my favourites.

If you’re interested in doing this, consider yourself tagged!

15 thoughts on “Choose Your Fellowship Book Tag!

  1. JonBob says:

    I love this tag! The book that gave me the biggest existential crisis of my life was Ubik by Philip K. Dick. It was probs more to do with my state of mind at the time but I actually had to take a week off work after reading it to mainly lie in bed and stare at the ceiling haha. No kidding. After that (and probably with more reason) it was Nausea by John Paul Sartre. Its my favourite book and makes me question everything about the way I experience the world every time I read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. millaysmusings says:

    YEAH!!!!!! I LOVE LOTR!!!! After reading the tag (and loving it!!! The GIFs were so perfect!) I was dreading getting to the tags because I knew I wasn’t on there. So, I was overjoyed when you tagged whoever!!! Thanks so much!!! xoxo


  3. Jaime says:

    FIRST OFF, I love this and I’m totally stealing it because Lord of the Rings!

    Also, I have The Count of Monte Cristo on my TBR too and it’s probably the longest (I’m just guessing here). I hope to read it next year.


  4. mehsi says:

    Oh wow, this is such a fun tag! I love it! โค The Lord of the Rings movies were amazing and I love seeing the quotes from the movie being used for the questions. Maybe I will do this one one day (for now a bit full with posts).

    Liked by 1 person

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