#SciFiMonth 2020 | In which this fantasy fan requires some sci-fi

ARTWORK by Tithi Luadthong from 123RF.com

Just beyond the horizon, Sci-Fi Month awaits us!

This November imyril and Lisa are returning with a whole month of celebrating the genre I think we all need this year. Want to get involved? Go here!

Fantasy is my favourite genre, and it’s because of that love that I also love taking part in Sci-Fi Month’s sister event, Wyrd & Wonder. I turn to fantasy for joy and comfort and those gut punches to my emotions that no other genre can deliver, but sci-fi, particularly futuristic sci-fi, has the potential to be one of the most hopeful genres out there.

2020 sucks. Let’s imagine a better future, shall we?


My plans this year are fairly simple: I’d like to read and review some sci-fi books, because there’s no better time to review sci-fi on my blog than when I know those reviews will kindly be shared with fellow readers who’ll enjoy those very books.

Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in the odd discussion post—like why am I bored of royals in fantasy and yet love them in sci-fi?—and I’d like to get a few sci-fi films watched that I’ve been meaning to watch for the longest time.

Most notably I’d finally like to watch Black Panther (I have no excuse for not watching it already except that I’m not the biggest Marvel fan), but I’d also like to give Venom and Jupiter Ascending a try. Not because I’ve heard amazing things about either of them, but because they look so fun. (Which is another potential topic for discussion: I’m much more likely to accept shameless, borderline ludicrous fun from my sci-fi than my fantasy, for some reason.)

It may also finally be time for me to watch the BBC’s adaptation of Noughts & Crosses, which I’ve been staying away from because that book is so special to me.

Oh, and there might just be some kind of post dedicated to what I think is one of the most underrated Disney films out there!

So, bring on Sci-Fi Month! Give me hopeful futures and ethical science and societies living together in peace, because, frankly, right now that’s all I need.

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