Dear authors, could you write me a story about…?

When I was younger, I was notorious for having favourite characters who were side characters. It was very rare that my favourite characters in stories, whether they were on the page or on the screen, were the main characters, and I think we can all agree that a book can really fall flat when the secondary characters don’t feel like real people with their own stuff going on.

It can be just as frustrating when the side characters are more interesting than the main characters – I want to enjoy my side characters, but I don’t want to wish I was following them instead! – and yet sometimes there are certain side characters who stay with me to such an extent that I’d happily read another story all about them…

Dear Elizabeth May, could you write me a story about when Catherine met Daniel?

Sorry, I know this is an Outlander gif, but there is no fan art of these two…

Considering Elizabeth May writes historical romance as Katrina Kendrick, I’d love to read a novella about the romance between Catherine, Aileana’s best friend in The Falconer series, and Daniel. I loved how May used a post-apocalyptic 19th century setting to explore a marriage between two people from very different social classes and I really liked what we saw of their relationship.

Dear Holly Black, could you write me stories about the Folk of the Water, Earth and Fire?


I loved the way Holly Black wrote the fae in her Folk of the Air trilogy, so now I’d love to see her give us trilogies following other fae courts. The Folk of the Water, for example, could focus on the underwater fae court we visit in The Wicked King.

Dear S.A Chakraborty, could you write me a story about the adventures of Zaynab and Aqisa?

© littlethiefs

The friendship between these two, though we only get glimpses of it, is one of my favourite things about the Daevabad Trilogy. Considering the way it ended, I desperately need an adventure story about these two.

Dear Cornelia Funke, could you write me a story about the reign of Queen Violante?

© loose-talk-and-stupidity

It’s been so long since I read the Inkworld trilogy, and one of these days I’d quite like to re-read it, but my favourite character by far was Violante, who was cruelly dubbed ‘Her Ugliness’ by her people because of a birthmark on her cheek. To this day she’s still one of my favourite women in fantasy. I’d love to have some kind of follow-up to the trilogy following Violante to check in on her and see how she’s doing!

Dear Katherine Addison, could you write me a story about Csethiro sword fighting?


As much as I adore The Goblin Emperor, it’s criminal that we never get to see Maia witness Csethiro’s skill with a blade. (It’s also criminal that there isn’t much Csethiro fan art.) I’d love a fun short story or novelette in which Csethiro challenges Beshelar to a duel, purely because the idea of duelling the empress would probably give Beshelar a nosebleed.

Dear Laini Taylor, could you write me a story about the centaur and his lady?


Back in May I mentioned the lack of centaurs in my fantasy, and also mentioned that I desperately need Laini Taylor to write about the centaur and his lady who regularly appear in Lazlo’s dreams in Strange the Dreamer. I still need this story and, written by Taylor, it would be a stunner.

What about you? Which stories would you like your favourite authors to tell?

15 thoughts on “Dear authors, could you write me a story about…?

  1. dinipandareads says:

    Jess, you always have the coolest and most creative posts 🙂 I don’t know all the characters you mentioned here, but I think I’d really enjoy learning more about the other worlds in faerie like you mentioned! I would love to get a story from V.E. Schwab about Holland from her Shades of Magic series, or even just back-stories from the other Londons!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Angela says:

    I would love a story told from the POV of the best friend of a “chosen one” character. Like, we get to see most of the action, but we also get a story of how people who aren’t the chosen one are being affected by whatever’s going on.

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