N.E.W.Ts Readathon 2020 | TBR

This August sees the final N.E.W.Ts Readathon! The Magical Readathon has been one of my favourite readathons ever to participate in, but I completely understand why Gi @ Book Roast has made the decision to create her own magical school from next year given the recent transphobic bile she-who-must-not-be-named has been spewing forth.

Gi has very kindly given us prompts for the N.E.W.Ts so that those of us who participated in the O.W.Ls earlier this year can achieve the careers we’ve chosen!

I got 11 out of the 12 subjects back in April – go me! – and within those subjects achieved all the subjects I needed for my end goal to become a Librarian. To achieve this goal, I need to get the following N.E.W.Ts:

  • O in Ancient Runes
  • E in Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • E in History of Magic

That’s seven books in total, but I’m going to challenge myself to get O’s in all three subjects, so let’s have a look at my TBR!

Ancient Runes

A: Bathsheda Babbling – Read a book by an author whose name begins with B


Bethany C. Morrow’s A Song Below Water is on my summer TBR and, at under 300 pages, it’s the perfect read for a readathon.

E: Read a classic


I very rarely read classics and haven’t really read them since I left uni, and while there are some I’d still like to read I did have a slight panic when I saw this prompt because right now I feel like a Victorian novel is going to send me into a slump. Earlier this year, though, I treated myself to the Penguin Modern Classics edition of Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsiderโ€”it’s an essay collection I’ve been meaning to read for quite a while, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

O: Love Rune – Read a romance


Grace Draven’s Dragon Unleashed is also on my summer TBR, and I love me a bit of romantasy.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

A: Boggart – Read a horror/thriller


I’m so excited for Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s new historical horror novel, Mexican Gothic, and as it’s also on my summer TBR I’m going to use this as an opportunity to read it!

E: Kappas – Read a book with demons or water theme


I’d like to read more Middle Grade than I do and Maria Kuzniar’s The Ship of Shadows, about a young girl who joins a pirate ship crewed entirely by women, sounds like such a fun summer read. It also opens in Seville, which I visited last year, so it’ll be interesting to see if I recognise any landmarks!

O: Red Caps – Read an epic fantasy


I borrowed Bradley Beaulieu’s Twelve Kings from the library earlier this year and, due to the libraries being closed, it’s not due back until September. As it’s a desert fantasy it sounds like a perfect summer read, so if I can get to this one before it’s due back I’ll be a happy bunny!

History of Magic

A: Read a historical fiction


I read Katherine Arden’s The Bear and the Nightingale earlier this year and really enjoyed it, and I’d like to finish the trilogy this year after hearing my friend Natalie @ Too Short to Read rave about it. The Girl in the Tower is another one I borrowed from the library back in February, so I’ll be annoyed if I don’t read it before it’s due back!

E: Read a book with a mainly black cover


I’ve heard nothing but praise for Fonda Lee’s Jade City and it’s one I’d really like to cross off my TBR this year!

O: Read a book recommended by someone older than you


Yup. I thought I’d add a 1000+ page book to my TBR. Luckily this is another one I don’t need to get to be a Librarian, but I’ve been in the mood to cross Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth off my TBR recently; I’ve owned it for almost ten years, so it’s about time I read it, and it’s a book my dad’s recommended to me before.

Are you taking part in the N.E.W.Ts readathon?

17 thoughts on “N.E.W.Ts Readathon 2020 | TBR

  1. Molly's Book Nook says:

    I’m currently listening to Mexican Gothic! I have it to count for a NEWTS requirement too, I forgot which one though lol.

    Oooo The Ship of Shadows! That cover!

    I’ll be listening to The Bear and the Nightingale this month! I’m looking forward to it, I’ve heard nothing but good things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. acquadimore says:

    I hope you like Jade City! It’s not the easiest book to get into but when I did it was… intense. So many feelings. Also curious about your thoughts on A Song Below Water, it’s one of the (way too many?) books I want to read once exams end.
    Good luck with your TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

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