Did I read my spring TBR?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my summer TBR for Top Ten Tuesday so, as I’ve been doing since last summer, today I’m checking in with my spring TBR to see how many books on it I actually managed to read!

I already know I haven’t read as much as I’d have liked, which is frustrating, but I think we can all agree spring was weird and it was a particularly strange time for me. I dealt with a bereavement, with a surprise nephew that I still haven’t been able to meet, and with being furloughed. I can confirm all of that definitely had an impact on my spring reading!


To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher

The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova

A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine

Of Sorrow and Such by Angela Slatter

6 out of 10!

Well… kind of. I’m cheating slightly because I’m just over halfway through The Poppy War right now, so I haven’t actually finished it yet but I’m determined to finish it today. I was hoping to have it finished by now but for some reason I’ve been struggling with the pacing, which I’ll discuss more in my review once I’ve finished it.

I had really good intentions this spring and I’m very mad at myself that two of my eARCs – Incendiary and Conjure Women – are two I haven’t read yet. I actually started Incendiary and read the prologue and the first chapter, only to be distracted by something else. I also started To Have and To Hoax, which I thought would be super easy reading, but I read the prologue and didn’t love the way it was written, so I’ve set it aside for the time being.

I even got about 30% of the way through A Memory Called Empire, which I was enjoying, but it’s the kind of story that needs 100% of the reader’s attention and, unfortunately for this novel, it was what I was in the middle of when my Grandma died. I wasn’t in the mood to try and get my head around a sci-fi universe, so it’s another one I’ve set aside to return to when I’m in more of a sci-fi mood.

So I did have good intentions this spring, I promise!

And in all honesty I don’t know why I’m trying to defend myself because reading should be fun, and I doubt any of you care if I didn’t get to the books that were on my TBR.

The other five, though, I did finish!

I didn’t love Of Sorrow and Such as much as I expected to, but I had a great time with The Scapegracers, Wild Beauty and Bryony and Roses. I’m so glad I finally crossed an Anna-Marie McLemore novel off my TBR! I loved their writing and I’m very excited to read more of their work.

While I’m glad The Scapegracers is an eARC I’ve crossed off my TBR I am a little frustrated because it was on my spring TBR because it was originally due out in May, but it’s since been pushed back to September. To be honest autumn suits it better anyway considering it’s about witches, but I’m slightly miffed that I could have put a different, more spring-y book on my TBR instead. It’s a weird thing to be miffed about, I know, but I’m a mood reader so I enjoy reading books that fit the season I’m reading in.

All in all my spring TBR wasn’t a complete success, but it wasn’t a complete failure either and I’m hoping I might finally get 10/10 success with my summer TBR!

11 thoughts on “Did I read my spring TBR?

  1. Dani says:

    Haha, I incorporated what i finished from my Spring TBR in today’s post- spoiler alert: only 5 (and that’s cheating too because I’m still currently reading one of them)! To Have And To Hoax was on my Spring TBR too, and I didn’t read it either- gah! Better luck to both of us on our Summer TBRs!

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  2. Emer @alittlehazebookblog says:

    I found McLemore’s Wild Beauty to be too much of a drudge for me. Just couldn’t get on board with their prose which I’m really sad about because (a) that book cover is gorgeous and I wanted to display it with pride on my bookshelves but now it makes me sad when I see it lol! And (b) I did that thing where you buy like three books by an author you’ve never read because you’re so sure you’ll love their work……. so now I have a bunch of unread McLemore books on my shelf that I don’t know if I’ll ever read oops! 🙈🙈
    Congrats on reading as much of your tbr as you did. I couldn’t stick to a tbr even if you paid me 😂😂😂 FaaaAAAAAaar too moody 😅😅😅😅🧡💛💙

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    1. Jess @ Jessticulates says:

      Haha thanks Emer! I’m sorry to hear Wild Beauty didn’t work for you – one of McLemore’s other books could still work for you? Maybe give another one a try and if you still don’t like their writing then you know for sure that they’re not an author for you? I’m always hesitant to try an author’s work if I haven’t liked something else of theirs, though, so I feel our pain!

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