Medieval-A-Thon 2020 | TBR

The Medieval-A-Thon is back!

I took part in the first Medieval-A-Thon last year and, like the OWLs Readathon, it’s a readathon I love because it takes place over an entire month. This year the readathon is running from the 1st-31st May.

How many books you read will dictate your role in medieval society:


You could just leave it there, choose a role and read that amount of books, but there are outfits, weapons and animal companions we can acquire by reading books that meet various prompts, and that’s the kind of challenge I’m here for!

One of my aims for this readathon is to fit as many books I’ve received through NetGalley to prompts as I can, because I’ve managed to accumulate quite a lot of new releases recently and I need to read and review them.


When it comes to outfits, I love the Robin Hood vibes from the green outfit – especially because Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of my favourite films set in the Middle Ages.


Read a book with green on the dust jacket


Martha Waters’ To Have and to Hoax is on my spring TBR and it sounds like such a fun Regency rom-com that I’d really like to read. April’s been a rough month, so I’m seeking out as many light books as I can read. I’ve also started re-reading the Harry Potter series this year by borrowing the audiobooks from my library, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be available from the end of April so I can listen to it next month. Another possibility is Lucy Worsley’s Tudor era Middle Grade novel, Lady Mary, which I received through NetGalley, so it’d be great to cross it off my TBR.


When it comes to weapons, though, I want to try and get most of them – it’s the Middle Ages after all and, as a woman, I need to be able to defend myself. The only one I won’t be trying to get is the daggers, because I don’t have any first or last books in duologies with me at the moment.


Read a book with something pointy on the cover


There’s a nice pointy crown on Zoraida Córdova’s Incendiary, which I’ve received through NetGalley, and as it’s also on my spring TBR I’d like to get to it asap!

Bow and Arrow

Read a romance


I received a copy of Ry Herman’s f/f vampire romance, Love Bites, from NetGalley and I really want to read it! It’s not out until July, but I’m really excited to check it out.


Read a heavy book

35068705 (1)

R.F. Kuang’s The Poppy War is another book I received through NetGalley and another one that’s on my TBR. It’s on my kindle, so it’s not physically heavy, but it is quite a chunker and I know the subject matter is heavy so I’m going to count it.


Read a book you have HIGH expectations for


I loved Justina Ireland’s Dread Nation and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the sequel, Deathless Divide, so I’d like to take the opportunity to get to it! If I’m not in the mood for zombies, though, then I’m going to reach for vampires in Robin McKinley’s Sunshine, which I’ve heard so many good things about.


Who doesn’t want an animal companion? I’d love a dog and, in the Middle Ages, I imagine a horse would be very useful. I have books I’d like to cross off my TBR that fit some of the other prompts – in fact the only animal I won’t be aiming for is a goat, because the books I’m most excited about are actually closer to the bottom of my bookshelves.


Read a scary book


I’ve fallen in love with The Diviners series and I’ve heard Before the Devil Breaks You moves back into horror territory, like the first book, so I’d like to get to it at last.


Buddy read with a friend


Natalie @ Too Short to Read and I have both been approved for Katherine Addison’s new novel, The Angel of the Crows, on NetGalley. As I’m sure you all know by now The Goblin Emperor is my favourite novel, so I’m very excited to read something new from Addison.


Read a book that begins with a ‘c’


I received a copy of Veronica Roth’s Chosen Ones through NetGalley, so I’d like to get to it asap, but I also received Afia Atakora’s Conjure Women through NetGalley and it’s another one that’s on my spring TBR.


Read a tall hardcover


I’ve owned Tale As Old As Time, all about the making of my favourite film, Beauty and the Beast (1991), for several years but I’ve never read it. It’s time I changed that!


Read a book with orange on the dust jacket


If I can get to Before the Devil Breaks You, then I’d like to try and finish the series with The King of Crows!

Are you taking part in the Medieval-A-Thon? What are you reading in May?

14 thoughts on “Medieval-A-Thon 2020 | TBR

  1. acquadimore says:

    The Poppy War definitely counts as heavy in multiple ways! And I’m really interested in seeing what you think about The Angel of the Crows, I’ve seen it around a lot but I haven’t actually seen any reviews yet.
    Good luck with the readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jess @ Jessticulates says:

      I’m interested, too! I just admit it hasn’t been high in my radar because ever since I read Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five I’ve been keen to avoid Jack the Ripper stories. I do adore The Goblin Emperor, though, so it was inevitable I’d pick The Angel of the Crows up at some point! I’m looking forward to finally crossing The Poppy War off my TBR. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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