#FaebruaryReads 2020 | TBR

Faebruary is a readathon created by Sarah-Jane @ TheBookLife where the goal is simple: read books about faeries and the fae in February!

I took part last year and I was so glad the readathon would be back this year, as there are plenty of fae books on my TBR that I’d like to get to. In fact, rather embarrassingly, three of the books that were on my TBR last year are still on my TBR this year…

Sarah-Jane has created a bingo board for the readathon, and I’m hoping to cross off a few squares! You can’t cross a square off for points more than once, but you can use one book for multiple squares.


I doubt I’ll get to all of these, unless February is a crazy good reading month, simply because I want to cross as many books off my winter TBR as possible and I’d also like to try and dedicate as much of February as I can to reading and reviewing romance.

I had a lot of fun last Faebruary, though, so I didn’t want to miss out! Below are the selection of books I’ll be choosing from when the mood for a fae read takes me:


The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May | Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng | The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

These three are all novels featuring the fae I’ve received via NetGalley; the first two take place in the 19th century while The Bear and the Nightingale is set in 14th century Russia. I’d really like to get to these three soon – especially considering it’s been quite a while since I read The Falconer. I actually started The Bear and the Nightingale in January, because it’s on my winter TBR, but as the folklore in it is giving me a Slavic fae vibe I decided to save it for February.


Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan | The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

Midnight Never Come is one I’ve owned for a while and, considering it’s set in the Tudor era, I feel like I could love it. The Invisible Library was a very kind gift from Natalie @ A Sea Change; I’ve tried reading it before but couldn’t get into it, I think I just wasn’t in the mood for it, so I’d like to give it another try!


Thornbound and Moontangled by Stephanie Burgis

I enjoyed Snowspelled when I read it a couple of years ago, but I still haven’t read Thornbound and, with the a third book in the series due out in February that has an f/f romance at its centre, it’s about time I carried on with this series. It’s a series of novellas, so I should be able to fit them into the month!

Are you taking part in Faebruary? What are some of your favourite fae books?

6 thoughts on “#FaebruaryReads 2020 | TBR

  1. Marina_Books of Magic says:

    I’ve had Under the Pendulum Sun on my tbr for ages, I’m really curious if it’s good! I read The Invisible Library ages ago and never continued the series, but I still want to, it was a fun and quirky read! Midnight Never Come both looks and sounds gorgeous 😧 I adore Tudor era and fae so adding to my tbr 😁 Great Post! I won’t participate in faebruary, but I look forward to reading your thoughts on these books. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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