#SciFiMonth | My 5 Star Science Fiction TBR Predictions!


Back in February I shared my 5 Star Fantasy TBR Predictions, where I discussed five books on my TBR that I predicted I was going to love (inspired by an original idea by Mercedes @ Mercy’s Bookish Musings).

As November is Sci-Fi Month, I figured it was the perfect time to discuss five sci-fi reads that I think I’m going to love. I must admit this was a bit trickier because I’m much more of a fantasy reader than a sci-fi reader, but it’s a genre I’d like to read more of and I’m hoping I might even be able to get to some of these during Sci-Fi Month. We’ll see how it goes!

35444148._SY475_Every year I say I’m finally going to cross The Handmaid’s Tale off my TBR, and every year I fail for several reasons. This book is so hyped that I’ve always been wary of being one of the few people who isn’t a fan of it and, to be honest, it’s the kind of book I’ve been putting off reading because I know it’s going to make me angry and it’s probably going to upset me. For the most part I read to escape, so I’ve never been all that inspired to reach for it. Not only that, but I was so overloaded by dystopian fiction following the success of The Hunger Games that I don’t think I’ve touched dystopian fiction until I read Battle Royale earlier this year, which has whet my appetite for it again.

As 2019 has seen the publication of its sequel, The Testaments, though and several of my friends continue to rave about how good the TV series is, I think this year needs to be the year I finally read it and, let’s face it, I’m probably going to love. I mean, it’s Margaret Atwood; the woman’s practically a goddess of the literary world.

19231962Doomsday Book is another modern sci-fi classic that I’ve been meaning to get to for years, and yet every year it remains on my shelves unread. It’s a fairly chunky book, so that probably has something to do with me putting it off, but I’m surprised I still haven’t read it. As a lover of historical fiction, it’s weird that I don’t read more time travel novels. In fact, if I’m trying to read more sci-fi then time travel novels seem like the perfect crossover, but I can never quite believe time travel novels. We all know that reading fiction, particularly speculative fiction, is all about suspending our disbelief, but as a history nerd a part of me always thinks, ‘If a 21st century woman was transported back to any period of history, would she really settle for a man who’s never brushed his teeth in a society that treats her like a second-class citizen?’

That aside, I’m intrigued by Doomsday Book because it’s not a romance – and no shade to the time travel novels that are, there’s a reason why Outlander is so popular – and instead follows a history student who ends up trapped in medieval Europe during the outbreak of the plague. I’ve heard it’s absolutely heartbreaking and, because I have a morbid fascination with the plague, this is definitely a novel I’d like to try soon.

45712276._SX318_From the classics to more recent fiction now with V.E. Schwab, probably one of the blogosphere’s most beloved authors and an author I haven’t been able to get into so far. Vicious, however, is the one novel of hers I hear praised by EVERYONE. Fans of Schwab and people who don’t usually like her novels seem to love this book, and even though I’m not really into superhero stories even I can’t deny that the premise of this novel sounds fascinating.

I love morally grey characters and I’ve always got the impression that this novel has a bucketload, so it’s about time I crossed it off my TBR. Like The Handmaid’s Tale, I’m guessing I’m going to love this novel because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a negative review of it and that’s pretty impressive. Hopefully I won’t be an exception to the rule with this one!

Station Eleven proof.inddStation Eleven is another novel I’ve heard nothing but praise for and I’ve owned my copy for a while now, so it’s about time I gave it a read. I love a post-apocalyptic novel from time to time and I’m particularly intrigued by this one because it follows a travelling acting troupe who entertain for a living now that the world no longer has television and cinemas. I’ve also heard that the writing is lovely; a friend of mine who read and loved this novel has since gone back and read Emily St. John Mandel’s other novels and adored all of them, so I’m interested in finally giving her work a try.

I’m also intrigued by this novel because it doesn’t sound like the characters are trying to save the world. I love the idea of a quiet post-apocalyptic novel, which is always the vibe I get from Station Eleven; in fact I love quiet sci-fi, which is why Becky Chambers is my favourite sci-fi author. I can’t wait to finally experience this story for myself.

13135026Mira Grant’s Feed is one of my favourite novels of all time, even though it made me sob. Then I read Deadline, which I also loved – and it also made me sob. Despite giving both of the other books in this trilogy 5 stars, I never actually got around to reading the third and final book, Blackout, because my emotions just couldn’t handle it. It’s pretty ridiculous that I still haven’t finished this, though, so it’s about time I did just that!

Grant has since released a companion novel, Feedback, following the Democratic side of the Presidential campaign in Feed. I’m interested in checking it out, but I don’t want to read it before I’ve finished the trilogy.

Are there any sci-fi books you think you’re going to love? Have you read and loved any of these? Let me know down below!

7 thoughts on “#SciFiMonth | My 5 Star Science Fiction TBR Predictions!

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh wow, excellent choices on your list! Station Eleven is amazing. I loved the Feed series and want to reread them all at some point. (There’s a collection of stories too, but hold off on those until you finish the trilogy!). I’ve had a copy of Vicious on my shelf for years and still need to read it. Same for The Doomsday Book — if you read it and like it, maybe you’ll inspire me to finally give it a try! And I love The Handmaid’s Tale — ignore the hype and dive in!

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