My #CosyReadingNight TBR! (a.k.a my #HugoAwards challenge)

Tonight from 7-10pm BST it’s the return of Cosy Reading Night, created and hosted by Lauren @ Lauren and the Books! You can check out her announcement video with all the info here.

I love taking part in Cosy Reading Night. It’s the perfect excuse to get comfortable, get some snacks and chill out with some books for three hours. What more can a book lover want?


I’m currently reading City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett and I’d like to get more of it read this weekend, so I’ll likely read some of that tonight, but I actually have a specific challenge I’d like to give myself tonight.

The winners of the Hugo Awards are being announced tomorrow. Worldcon is actually on in Dublin right now and I’m so sad I couldn’t afford to go this year when it’s practically next door! So many authors I love are there, but oh well.

If it’s anything like last year, I believe the Hugo Awards will be shown on YouTube – I’m not sure if they’ll be livestreamed or filmed and uploaded later – and I’ll definitely be tuning in. Spinning Silver, Trail of Lightning, Record of a Spaceborn Few and The Calculating Stars are all nominated for Best Novel, as well as Space Opera and Revenant Gun which I haven’t read, so I’d love to see which book wins.

Something I manage to neglect every year, though, are the short stories and novelettes that are nominated, and I don’t know why I don’t make more of an effort to read them? They’re all* available online and free to read and they’re clearly excellent, because they’ve been nominated for a bloody Hugo!

(*One of the novelettes has an excerpt available online, but is available to buy in full – I picked up a copy for my kindle.)

Last night I read one of the short stories and one of the novelettes and loved them both, and that gave me an idea for this Cosy Reading Night: I want to read all of the shortlisted short stories and novelettes and pick my personal favourites ahead of the award show.

I’ve listed all 12 below with links to them so you can check them out, too – the two with lines through them are the two I’ve read!


Short Stories

Are you taking part in Cosy Reading Night? Have you been following the Hugo Awards? Let me know if you’ve read or are planning to read any of these shorter works, too!

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