Wyrd & Wonder 2019 | Wrap-Up


Wyrd & Wonder is a month-long celebration of the fantastic hosted by imyril @ There’s Always Room for One More, Lisa @ Dear Geek Place and Jorie @ Jorie Loves a Story. Get involved here!

I missed out on Wyrd & Wonder last year but I got the chance to participate this year and I had so much celebrating fantasy throughout May! Thanks so much to imyril, Lisa and Jorie for hosting!

Sadly I barely touched my TBR, but the unread books on there are all books I’m still determined to read. I need to read Children of Blood and Bone and The Poppy War ahead of the Booktube SFF Awards liveshow so I can avoid spoilers and vote (and thankfully it’s been pushed back to July, so that’s a bit easier!), I do want to read more Asian-inspired fantasy this year and I am determined to cross The Priory of the Orange Tree off my TBR really soon.

What I read


I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in May, and a lot of that is down to two pretty big novels that ended up being really disappointing reads for me which I’m so sad about! I mean we’re always sad when a book disappoints us, but I thought I’d love both of these.

I finally read Red Sister in May, and if it weren’t for the audiobook, narrated by the wonderful Helen Duff, I would have DNF’d it. When a book’s about assassin nuns I expect to adore it, but sadly I just didn’t get along with Mark Lawrence’s writing and the pacing felt all over the place for me. I also couldn’t tell you why anything I just read was important, and that’s not the kind of feeling I want to have after 500 pages. I might still give Grey Sister a try because the audiobook’s available on Scribd, but I didn’t love Red Sister anywhere near as much as I expected to.

Next I read Muse of Nightmares and, thankfully, I really enjoyed this one! I’ve developed a love for duologies over the past year and I liked how this one ended a lot. It wasn’t perfect – I can’t say I was entirely satisfied – but I still loved it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the next sequel I picked up, Son of the Shadows.

Son of the Shadows wasn’t on my TBR, but after I fell in love with Daughter of the Forest in April I wanted to read more from this world and I’d seen so many reviewers say this second book was their favourite in the series. I despised it. I’ll go into all my thoughts in my upcoming review, but the heroine and the main romance, and the way one of the side characters was treated, made me so angry. I’m going to treat Daughter of the Forest as a standalone from now on.

Then, after seeing great reviews on Goodreads, I treated myself to one of the first graphic novels I’ve read in a long time which also just happens to be the first in a duology, Sleepless, Vol.1. I liked this one a lot! It was lovely to see people of colour at the centre of a medieval-inspired fantasy world, and this story includes one of my favourite romantic tropes: the princess and her bodyguard. I’m looking forward to reading the concluding volume this month!

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What did you read in May?

4 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder 2019 | Wrap-Up

  1. Annemieke says:

    Thank you for sharing my post! If you need some motivation to get through some of those adult fantasies, Aimal from bookshelves & paperbacks is hosting an adult fantasy readathon in july with The Poppy War as the group book.

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Red Sister like you were hoping too. Hopefully you will find another book with assassin nuns that you will love!

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