#OWLsReadathon2019 | Week #2 Update

So far I’ve managed to cross off another two subjects for this readathon! I’d hoped I might have crossed off three, but I can at least try and make a start on the third one today while I have a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • Ancient Runes: Read a retelling Miranda in Milan by Katharine Duckett
  • Arithmancy: Read a book by more than one author
  • Astronomy: Read a book with “star” in the title The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Read a book with a land animal on the cover Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan
  • Charms: Read an adult book
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Read a book beginning with an “R”
  • Divination: Read a book set in the future
  • Herbology: Read a book with a plant on the cover
  • History of Magic: Read a book published at least ten years ago
  • Muggle Studies: Read a contemporary book Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole
  • Potions: Read a sequel The Wicked King by Holly Black
  • Transfiguration: Read a book with sprayed edges or a book with red on the cover

29939027This week I finished The Memoirs of Lady Trent series by Marie Brennan with Within the Sanctuary of Wings, and I’m pretty gutted that I don’t have more books to read set in this world. I did like the ending, though, and I think Brennan ended it at the right time rather than dragging it on and on unnecessarily. Isabella has certainly cemented herself as one of my favourite SFF heroines, and now that I know the ending I’m actually really looking forward to going back and re-reading this series the next time the mood takes me.

I ended up reading this book on my Kindle rather than listening to the audiobook as I have done for the rest of the books in this series – I had a bit of a sulk when I discovered the audiobook of this final book was only available as a rather expensive CD – but I’m pleased to report I really enjoyed reading it rather than listening to it, which is a relief considering I DNF’d the first book in this series when I tried reading it a few years ago. This series is further proof that my reading tastes have really changed since my uni days!

I could have counted this book towards Charms or even Potions, but in the end I decided to go with Care of Magical Creatures. Not only is it fitting for my book for the subject to have a magical creature on the cover (nowhere did the rules say it couldn’t be a mythical land animal) but I also already had books planned for those other subjects that I was really in the mood to read.

39086641Speaking of which, I also finished Holly Black’s The Wicked King this week for Potions! I’m at least pleased that the two subjects I’ve crossed off this week are two subjects I mentioned in my TBR as subjects I would have taken if I were at Hogwarts.

I really enjoyed The Wicked King and I was a little worried I wouldn’t because I so often find second books in trilogies disappointing, but the plot kept moving in this novel and Black’s character work was excellent. I love Jude, she’s such a compelling character to follow and now I can’t believe I have to wait until January for the next book!

Of the six subjects I mentioned really wanting to cross off my TBR because they’re the subjects I would have taken – Ancient Runes; Care of Magical Creatures; Divination; History of Magic; Muggle Studies; Potions – I’ve already completed four of them, so I’m really pleased with that!


This means I really want to get to Record of a Spaceborn Few for Divination and Daughter of the Forest for History of Magic. History of Magic is the one subject I’d be really disappointed if I didn’t get because I’m such a huge history nerd.

I would really like to ‘pass’ as many subjects as I can, though, and right now I’m really looking forward to picking up The Gilded Wolves for Herbology, Toil & Trouble for Arithmancy and, a slight tweak to my TBR, Children of Blood and Bone for Transfiguration.

How’s your O.W.Ls reading going?

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