#BooktubeSFF Babbles | Nomination Suggestions

The nominations for the Booktube SFF Awards are open until 11th February, these are unofficial awards done by the Booktube community which celebrate the year’s best SFF, so this year’s awards will be celebrating 2018’s SFF releases!


I love following the Booktube SFF Awards. I love seeing which books make the shortlist and I love watching the live show each year and seeing the judges discuss the year’s best SFF.

The judges this year are Chelsea @ The Reading Outlaw, Thomas @ SFF180, Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes, Elena @ Elena Reads Books, Connor @ Connor O’Brien, Rachel @ Kalanadi, Claire Rousseau, James Chatham and Cass @ What Cass Read.

Every year I nominate books and this year is no different, and because I’m rarely on top of my current reads I’m one of those people who often nominates books I haven’t read yet to give me more of an incentive to read them, and also because their initial premise makes me think they deserve a place on the shortlist.


There are seven categories: Science Fiction; Fantasy; Debut; YA; Middle Grade; Short Work and Graphic Novel, and I have nominations for all but that last category. I haven’t been reading many graphic novels at all recently and I’m completely out of the loop with newer releases, so I’d rather let the votes be taken up by voters who know what they’re talking about.

You can nominate two works for each category, and you can find all of the information you need to nominate books yourself here, so today I thought I’d share my nominations with you!

Science Fiction


I haven’t read either of these – oops! – 2018 wasn’t really a big sci-fi year for me, but with Record of a Spaceborn Few being the third book in this series it’s the final year a book in this series is eligible for the awards and I’d like to see Becky Chambers get a little recognition. I love her sci-fi. The Calculating Stars is one I’m hoping to read soon because it’s giving me Hidden Figures vibes and I loved that movie a great deal, so I’d love to see this piece of feminist sci-fi on the shortlist!



I have read Foundryside! It was my first read of this year and I really, really enjoyed it. I think Robert Jackson Bennett’s world-building was wonderful, something I’ve heard he does well in his other series too, and it was such a fun story that I’d love to see it on the shortlist. Despite it being my most anticipated release of 2018 I still haven’t read Circe, I’m terrified I won’t like it, but if it made the shortlist I’d have even more of a reason to cross it off my TBR and I loved The Song of Achilles that much that I think Madeline Miller deserves a spot on the shortlist.

Young Adult


Another one I read last month, I ended up really enjoying Dread Nation and I’d love to see it on the shortlist purely because YA is the category that often seems to see the same authors on the shortlist year after year. I keep nominating different books and yet every year I see Sarah J. Maas and V. E. Schwab on the shortlists. Girls of Paper and Fire is one I’m planning to read this month for F/Fantasy F/February and another one I’d love to see on the shortlist because it’s f/f and it’s Asian-inspired fantasy from an own voices author.

Middle Grade


Some day soon I’m going to read Nevermoor, I’ve heard such wonderful things about it, and from the reviews I’ve seen Wundersmith is a brilliant sequel. I’d like to cross both books in the series off my TBR before the shortlist is announced if I can, but if not then I have that extra incentive to read them! Tilly and the Bookwanderers is another one I haven’t read yet but one that I’ve seen lovely reviews for; the premise sounds like exactly the kind of book I would have reached for as a little girl.



I received a copy of The Poppy War from NetGalley that I really am planning to read very soon, and Trail of Lightning is another one I’m hoping to pick up asap. Trail of Lightning I’m particularly excited for not only because it’s urban fantasy, which I love when I’m really in the mood for it, but because it features a First Nations heroine and First Nations mythology from an own voices author.

Short Work


I have read both of these – huzzah! How to Marry a Werewolf is so much fun, I think Gail Carriger does Fantasy of Manners novellas really well so it’d be nice to see her get a little love, and even though I didn’t love The Queen of Ieflaria as much as I was hoping to, I did love the concept and the world-building enough to want more people to reach for Effie Calvin’s work.

Are you planning to nominate books for the Booktube SFF Awards? Which books will you nominate? What are some of your favourite book awards to follow?

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