Shelf Control #5 | The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova


Shelf Control is a weekly celebration of the unread books on our shelves created and hosted by Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies. Pick a book you own but haven’t read, write a post about it (suggestions: include what it’s about, why you want to read it, and when you got it), and link up! For more info on what Shelf Control is all about, check out Lisa’s introductory post, here.


10692The Historian
by Elizabeth Kostova

“The story that follows is one I never intended to commit to paper.. As an historian, I have learned that, in fact, not everyone who reaches back into history can survive it.” With these words, a nameless narrator unfolds a story that began 30 years earlier.

Late one night in 1972, as a 16-year-old girl, she discovers a mysterious book and a sheaf of letters in her father’s library — a discovery that will have dreadful and far-reaching consequences, and will send her on a journey of mind-boggling danger. While seeking clues to the secrets of her father’s past and her mother’s puzzling disappearance, she follows a trail from London to Istanbul to Budapest and beyond, and learns that the letters in her possession provide a link to one of the world’s darkest and most intoxicating figures. Generation after generation, the legend of Dracula has enticed and eluded both historians and opportunists alike. Now a young girl undertakes the same search that ended in the death and defilement of so many others — in an attempt to save her father from an unspeakable fate.

The Historian is one of those books I kind of forgot about until I recently rediscovered my old copy while visiting my parents. So many people have told me they absolutely loved this book and yet I still haven’t read it, and that’s something I’d like to try and change this month because I think it’d be an excellent read during the run-up to Halloween.

Rediscovering this book has actually made me want to create a Booket List of books I’ve owned for years that I think I’ll love, but still haven’t read yet for whatever reason. I must have owned this book for at least four years now so it’s about time I got around to reading it…

Are there any books you still haven’t read even though you’re sure you’d love them?

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